A Semi Naked Body of 7-Year-Old boy Found at Saptah Fair in Vasco da Gama

The crime is on the rise in the state and rampant cases of Drugs, Prostitution, Murder and rapes coming in the light on day to day basis. Here, in this case, a half-naked body of a 7-Year-Old boy was recovered from Saptah Fair behind Kossambe Building in Vasco da Gama.

According to the reports, A 7-year-old boy was found dead under mysterious circumstances, during the Saptah Fair, behind Kossambe building, early on Monday morning. The body was found in a semi-naked condition and the family of the boy suspects its murder.

The family of the boy was operating a stall during the Saptah Fair. Dhanu Yogesh Solanki from Mangoor went missing from the stall and the parents lodged a missing complaint on Sunday night.

The boy’s mother after searching for him went along with her sister to file a police complaint. The boy’s mother informed RDX that the boy wouldn’t stay away from her for a long and after half an hour when he couldn’t be found they started looking for him.

The boy’s aunt speaking to RDX informed that the boy was seen on the CCTV camera of the building playing near a juice stall.  They search lasted till 5 in the morning and no one knew about the whereabouts of the boy.

The police began searching for the boy, but tragically they found his dead body behind Kossambe Building on Monday, early in the morning. Apparently, they were informed that a dead body was found by a garbage collector. The boy’s aunt says how come no one heard a child cry out.

Another bystander when asked whether they suspected anyone said he is not aware, and they had searched the whole night for the boy. Vasco police led by DySp Sunita Sawant rushed to the spot and further investigations are on in order to rule out every angle in the crime.

Source: IN Goa 14X7

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