46-Year-Old Doctor Arrested for Raping 22-Year-Old Patient in the Hospital

The doctors are treated like a God in our society and people go to the doctors with complete faith but with time things have started changing and doctors have become businessmen. There are many cases of doctors using their position to take advantage of the situation. Here is one such case, a 46-Year-Old doctor was arrested by Goa police for sexually abusing the migrant lady.

The incident took place on 27th July at the Curtorim in south Goa. According to the report published in the Times of India, Maina Curtorim police has arrested a 46-year-old public health centre doctor, Angelo Mascarenhas, on charges of raping a 22-year-old patient in the hospital.

The rape survivor, who was pregnant, was admitted to hospital for treatment of a snake bite on July 26, said the sources.

The sources have also revealed though the incident of sexual abuse took place in the primary health centre of Curtorim on the 27 July but the matter came into the light late since the complaint is a migrant and belongs the economically lower background, said the sources.      

Police sources said that the accused doctor Mascarenhas took the lady patient inside the room for clinical examination and on the pretext of examination he raped her.   

The survivor, who hails from an economically backward migrant family, initially chose not to tell her family, but later confided in her landlady.

Acting on a complaint filed by her husband, the medical officer was arrested on Thursday and remanded in six days of police custody.

The bail application moved by the accused on Friday was rejected.

Goa Prism’s Take on this serious issue…

There are many cases coming up in the media wherein the migrants have been found guilty of kidnapping and raping the Goan girls but this case supposes to be an opposite wherein the Goan, belonging to the noble profession of a doctor, have raped a Migrant lady taking advantage of the situation and his position.

This shows only one thing that there are good and bad people across in all the segment of society regardless of the person is resident or migrant. 

Source: TOI | The NY Post

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