8.5% of Goans are jobless – 80% reservations for Goans in Future Industry Setup

Employment Exchange of Goa - Image Source: GOAFORYOU

The employment graph of Goa shows that almost 8.5% of the Goans are jobless which is just 1.6% lesser than the national unemployment rate. According the sources the local youth have the option of remaining jobless or moving out of the state for the career options. Though the Goa government is working towards making it mandatory for the industries to employ 80% Goans in their establishment if they wish to expand, “although they cannot disturb the existing qualified staff that is working with companies for years just to accommodate Goans”, says the senior Goa state industries department official.

According to the available information to increase the employment rate in Goa, the Goa government has constituted a State Investment Promotion Board which has been clearing proposals for setting up new industries and also expansion of existing units in the state. The government had made it mandatory that these industries should employ 80% locals in it, which would make the unit eligible for state sponsored schemes.

The state employment exchange data shows that they have 1, 37,000 registrations with the majority of the youth preferred for the government jobs. More registration comes to North Goa with 70 to 80 registrations per day while South Goa does not show any progress. There is list of registered people for almost 40 years but it is very low.

According to the chief officer of the exchange Sunil Gaonkar, now they are keeping the close watch on the authenticity of documents submitted by the individuals relating to the degrees & diplomas by checking whether the concerned educational institute are recognized or not. Gaonkar also informed that as and when any department advertise in the newspapers about the jobs the exchange observes sudden spike in the registration while most of the candidates are unaware of the fact that they need to renew their registration every three years. Most of the candidates register their names after passing SSC but do not update their further educational data, also those who have already found the job without the help of exchange does not provide information of their jobs to the exchange.


As per the sources in the department of labour and employment, major chunk of vacancies are generated in the following government departments which include the police department, the directorate of fire and emergency services, directorate of mines and geology, directorate of craftsmen training, district and sessions court, North and South Goa Collectorates, electricity department, directorate of technical education, directorate of women and child development, directorate of panchayats, labour and employment commisisonerate, water resources department and directorate of health services.

As the creation of new jobs for the Goans is the main agenda in front of the government at the moment they are working it out with the new industrial setups by providing them state sponsored schemes to employ 80% of local manpower in their industry. So far, the State Investment Promotion Board has approved 43 new industries and expansion of existing industrial projects in Goa, worth Rs 3,117 crore which could potentially generate 8,100 jobs, he said. Although the officials have also said that mandatory 80% employment to Goans would be only dropped during the expansion process and not while setting up new industrial units.

Source: Various Sources

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