One more death of British National in Goa. A 58-year-old British National died after a collapse while working out in the gym at Calangute village in North Goa. The reason of death is not yet known as the body has been sent for the post-mortem but possibilities of the heart attack cannot be ruled out, said the police sources. But the possibility of any foul play has been ruled out at the moment, said the senior police officer. 

This is a very typical case wherein the person collapsed and died while doing the weight training at the gym and not the cardio activity which is normally more severe in nature. According to the sources, a 58-year-old British national Paul Gerrad Atkinson died soon after he collapsed on the floor while doing the weight training in the gym at Calangute in the North Goa.

According to the PI Calangute, Mr. JIvba Dalvi, the deceased Atkinson was doing the regular workout in the gym when he suddenly collapsed on the floor. “He had said to be doing the weight lifting training while he suddenly collapsed and died. We do not see any possibility of the foul play at the moment,” said Mr. Dalvi adding that, “The body has already been sent to GMC for the post mortem.”

Although officer Dalvi had ruled out the immediate post-mortem of the deceased Atkinson since they have informed the British Embassy and waiting for their approval to go ahead with the Autopsy of the British national. “Once we receive the go-ahead from the British Embassy the post mortem will be carried out at the GMC as per the guidelines set down by the courts in the foreign national death cases,” said Mr. Dalvi.     

According to the sources, deceased Atkinson was staying at the guest house in Maddowado in Calangute and he had joined the gym in the month of February. On Friday morning, as per his regular schedule, he had come to workout at a gym. While working out with the weights he had suddenly collapsed on the floor. An ambulance with doctors was called, but by the time it arrived, Atkinson was dead, the official said.

Meanwhile, the British commission has been asked to contact the family members of the deceased Atkinson. The police do not see any involvement of foul play in this case as of now and they will come to any conclusion only after the post mortem on the body. But the possibilities of anything cannot be ruled out here as the person had died while doing the weight training and not the cardio activity which more severe in nature and causes the steep rise in the heartbeats that can lead to the heart attack. But nothing of that sort was there in this case. If you wish to leave your valuable comments please go ahead.   



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