Arguments over Grocery Payment leads to Murder of a Labourer

Another terrifying murder incident comes to light. A murder crime was reported on Monday morning in Colva. 36-year-old Thaddeus Barca a construction labourer from Jharkhand was brutally murdered by a co-worker. The accused co-worker Ignatius Ming aged 40 (from Jharkhand) was immediately apprehended by the police after an interrogation.

Colva Police Inspector Filomena Costa stated that the motive behind the murder took place after the labourers had an argument amongst themselves regarding some grocery payment.

According to The Goan, the police received a phone call from Joaquim Gonsalves, stating that one of his labourers had been killed at the construction site. After carrying out investigations at the site the dead body was found.

A wooden rafter 70-cm long was used as a weapon in the murder. The weapon was recovered by the police and they have found blood stains. It was attached as a part of the investigation.

Luckily, the crime was solved within nine hours after the complaint with quick actions.  Apparently, the accused has confessed to committing the murder.

According to the Herald, Police had rounded up seven of the co-workers and following a thorough investigation and interrogation, they arrested Ignatius Minj at 6:30 pm yesterday.

The accused has been booked under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code for the alleged murder.




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