Group of Tourists from Pune Molested A Minor Girl on Calangute Beach in Goa, and Brutally Assaulted Victim’s Brother

This is the second case of tourists involved in the outraging the modesty of Girl in Goa following the gang rape case which took place in South Goa a week back. It looks like no one has learned a lesson from the cases of Nirbhaya and Asifa. India has become a place where rape has become a daily routine. Just a week ago the shameful incident of three men raping a woman in front of her boyfriend took place on Sernabhatim beach. The case has not even been resolved yet when another case just pops in this week. According to the reports, on 29th May, a minor girl was allegedly molested at Calangute beach by nine men… BY NINE MEN! These men were the tourist from Pune, thankfully they are already arrested. The police said these accused tourists were caught while attempting to leave Goa.

According to the police, the minor girl was at Calangute beach along with her brother when these nine accused along with two others started clicking their pictures to outrage the girl’s modesty.  On discovering this, the siblings went to object, but the situation turned bad and the sibling was brutally assaulted while his minor sister was molested by the group of nine. As per UNI, the boy was slapped and hit and the girl was sexually assaulted. “The men are now arrested and their mobile phone has been taken into custody as an evidence for the case”, says inspector Jivba Dalvi.

Tourists coming from the other states of India are notably causing all these problems in Goa. They have got the wrong idea about Goa in their mind. They come here with the picture in their mind that it is a fun, regulation free place, where ‘Mauj Masti’ is allowed’. Some even assume that the girls in Goa are cheap and will fall into their clasps. But when this fails to happen they start with the assaults, rape and molestation.

As per ‘ Business standard’ news , the complaint of this case was filed under Sections 143, 147, 323, 354 read with 149 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 8 of the Goa Children’s Act.

It is good that the names of these accused have been revealed, as they should face the shame of the crime committed. The persons included in this act were namely Ramesh Kamble, Sanket Bhadale, Krishna Patil, Satyam Lambe, Aniket Gurav, Rishikesh Gurav, Akash Suvaskar, Sunny More, and Ishwar Pangare; they are now locked up at the Calangute police station while further investigation is being carried out.


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