In one of the most shocking incidents that took place at Margao railway station on Wednesday midnight, a 3-year-old girl child was abducted by the unknown person who was also pretending to be sleeping on the same platform next to the family members of the abducted girl. The incident took place on Wednesday, 1st November at around 12.30am said the sources. The incident took place right under the nose of a railway police, the sources revealed that when the incident took place one of the railway police was patrolling on the platform. (CCTV Footage is attached to the article)

The entire incident got recorded on the CCTV camera installed on the Margao Railway Station. The parents of a girl child, who are the beggars, and used to sleep on the platform in the night time were not aware of the incident getting recorded on the camera and perhaps the kidnapper was also not aware of the same.


In the CCTV footage, the kidnapper is clearly visible talking to the railway police patrolling on the station just a few minutes before he abducted the girl child. The moment police went away, he took the opportunity and carried the girl on his shoulder and went away.

When the parents of the girl child woke up at around 1.30 am, they did not find one of their daughters and immediately contacted the railway police with their grievance. But, shockingly no positive response was given by the police in this case until now.

The name of the girl child is given as Maryam, and the family originally belongs to Hubli Karnataka, said the sources. The Margao police at the moment have decided to remain quiet on this issue as they are not able to provide any satisfactory answers of the incident that took place right under their nose.


Meanwhile, the Konkan Railway Police have registered the case of kidnapping against the unknown person with the green turban wrapped around his head (as seen in the CCTV camera footage). The sources have said that the family used a living by begging would take refuge at the platform and would sleep there in the night. Last night at around 1.30 another child noticed her sister missing and cautioned the parents. Police are checking the CCTV footage to try and trace the girl. Further investigation is in progress.

As the complainant belongs to the outside state, and also from the financially weaker section, we will have to wait and watch as what police will be doing in this case. Meanwhile, the CCTV footage has become viral on the social media, and Goa Prism Team appeal to the people of God to help the poor family finding their child by way of contributing the information (however small it may be) through this platform. Goa Prism will also use its social media platform to circulate any information gets from its members to help the family find their child.




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