In one of the most shocking incident, a 25-year-old woman found strangulated to death at an ancestral house of her husband situated in Gaunem Ponda. The husband is said to be absconding since then but Ponda police managed to arrest him and he said to have confessed to the crime. 

According to the sources, deceased Tanuja Naik, 25, hailing from Karwar was married to Yatish Naik from Gaunem Ponda three years back. The sources have revealed that the couple had married three years back after remaining in relation for few year. 

The sources said that the accused Aatish Naik who is caterer by profession had met Tanuja, who hails from Karwar, in a College in Margao, where they were studying together before getting married.

The body of Tanuja was recovered by the police on Monday from her residence at Gaunemn in Ponda. They said that she was strangulated to death with the help of a pillow. The police suspect the motive behind the murder is adultery.

According to the Ponda police, deceased Tanuja and her Husband, Aatish Naik was staying Margao due to work and they had come down to their ancestral house on Monday Morning. Police said the husband left the house in the afternoon on the pretext of getting the lunch and did not return back till late evening.

This made the family member suspicious and they went to the couple’s room where they found Tanuja lying down dead. They immediately summons the police who did the Panchangam and sent the body of Tanuja for the post mortem.

The police sources said that since it is an ancestral house Yatish’s uncle and his family were in the house when the incident took place. They said that the door was latched from the outside.

Ponda police under the guidance of PI Sudesh Naik managed to trace out the accused within 24 hours time and lodged him in the police custody. According to PI Sudesh Naik, the accused has confessed to the crime that he murdered Tanuja out of a suspicious. He said that he had a feeling that his wife was having an affair with someone. Please leave your views on this issue.    


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