17-Year-Old Girl Raped and Sold to a Couple as Surrogate Mother, Police Booked Four People from Various Parts of Goa

In one of the most shocking incidents that came into the light at Vasco Da Gama in south Goa, a 17-year-old girl was raped and sold to a couple to become a surrogate mother. The couple who made a contract with the minor victim girl for surrogacy had also sexually exploited her. This incident has brought the dark side of a sexual exploitation of a minor girl into the light…    

Surrogacy is a process, wherein the womb of another woman is used to carry a baby. But many people make misuse of this, in our country. In Surrogacy the sperm of a man is artificially inseminated into the womb of a woman who carries the baby, technically the surrogate woman becomes the biological mother of a baby because her eggs been used to get fertilized by man’s sperm. But here, in this case, the surrogate minor girl was sexually exploited by the two men, one who sold her and the one who engaged her for surrogacy…

According to the sources, Goa police booked four people on Saturday for sexually abusing a minor girl for almost one and a half year. The complaint in this regard had been filed by the NGO ARZ from Vasco at Women’s Police Station in Panaji. The 17-year-old girl has alleged that she was raped and sold to a couple as a surrogate mother.


The minor victim girl, who hails from Karnataka, had alleged that she was initially raped by Satyawan Naik, on the promise of getting married, and later she was also raped by Motilal Gaonkar. In her narration to the police, the victim girl has made some shocking revelations. According to her, the housekeeping Supervisor Tasleema from Vasco Da Gama, under whom she was working, had sold her to Afridi couple (Shoaib & Salath Afridi) from Vasco for a surrogate mother, and her age was falsely stated in the contract as 18 years.

According to the minor victim girl, later on, Shohaib also got physical with her. The police source said that they have arrested the Afridi couple along with Tasleema and Satyawan Naik on the charges of rape, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking. All the accused are in the police custody at the moment while one accused Gaonkar is still absconding, said the sources.


The Afridi couple is the native of Bihar while the Saytawan Naik, Gaonkar, and Tasleema are the residents of Goa. The minor girl is a resident of Karnataka, said the sources. One of the representatives of NGO ARZ told the media that people need to come ahead with such cases, and until unless that happens, it will be very difficult to expose such cases.

The reports have claimed that Shohaib Afridi has also sexually exploited the minor girl for over one and a half year, while his wife had supported him in this gruesome act. Tasleema had cracked a deal of victim girl with Afridi couple for Rs. 1.5 lakh, said the sources.


The incident came to the light when the father of a victim girl came to know about this incident and approached the ARZ NGO for help, who later contacted the Women Police Station at Panaji for the help. It was during the investigation police came to know about the Satyawan and Gaonkar, who had sexually exploited the victim girl. Presently police doing the investigation of Tasleema to find out the source of her income.

Meanwhile, the police have recovered the sonography report of a minor girl from the resident of Afridi along with the copy of an agreement between the victim and Afridi couple, said the sources. What are your views on this? Do you think this kind of more cases may come up in the days to come? Please share your views on this serious issue.


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