You Cannot Blame Government for outsiders taking up jobs in Goa – Dy CM

It is the fact that most of the Goans keep blaming outsiders for settling down and taking up the jobs in Goa, but did we ever try to emphasize on the facts as why Goans have been denied of the jobs which allegedly taken up by the outsiders? In fact here the self assessment could come very handy since our own government think that Goans do lack of education and the set of skills required for claiming the jobs. According to the news published in the local daily Dy. CM of Goa Francis D’souza said that the state of Goa has reached the stage where education and constant skill development has to go hand in hand, D’souza was speaking on the occasion of launch of skill India programme organized at Kala Academy on Wednesday.

Dy. CM was emphasizing on the need of education to be connected with the livelihood of person. “Education is not enough. You need skills and the ability to earn. It is very important to upgrade our skills,” the Mapusa MLA said.  He also brought to the notice of Goans that, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna in the capital city of India with the links to individual cities to hold the similar programme to coincide with national launch, the whole purpose of this programme is to develop skilled manpower at the grassroots level by providing them with Vocational, technical and skill development education.

According to Mr. D’souza Goans appeared to be reluctant to work and it is unfair to blame the government for outsiders taking jobs in the state. “If our local boys join the industry then there won’t be the need to hire outsiders but our boys are willing to stay jobless,” he said. D’souza put the onus of unemployment on the Goans mentioning that “The local industry was prepared to train and employ local youth but the prospect of the them working for six months, collecting their experience certificates and moving abroad to work on cruise ships was a deterrent”.

D’souza also urged the training institutes and trainers to widen the scope of the skills being imparted. He also mentioned about the Goa Shipyard Limited offered the job letters to around 100 youth from Goa. The selected youth will be put into the ambitious project of Mine Counter Measure Vessel, sanctioned the ministry of defence recently.

Panaji MLA Sidharth Kuncalienkar who was also addressing the gathering of youth and industry leaders said that “despite the economic development corporation offering the cheapest loans for entrepreneurs, the number of takers was very few”. With the above facts it seems that government is readily sitting with the complete employment plans for the youth of Goa but it is the Goans who are probably not taking the advantage of the available opportunities. If that is the case then it’s time for the youth of Goa to open their eyes and grab the available opportunities created for you by the government of Goa under various schemes and policies and in case you still remain unemployed then please do not the blame to the outsiders for taking up of the jobs created for you. Please do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions on this very important and serious issue faced by the Goans today.

Source: NT        

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