Now you can travel 25 cities across India by air for less than Rs. 2500, check out here

It is not any gimmick but the good news for the people who travel a lot by air, it also a good news for the people who do not travel by air. According to the sources, now you can travel across 25 cities in India for less than Rs. 2500. This is the magic of new aviation policy implemented by the government of India. Now everybody can travel by air, how? Read here.

Air travel is supposed to be the most expensive mode of commute at least in India. Many a time people who travel by air in India changes the status of their social media to show off, but with the new development, it will not be the case anymore since the Indian government has devised the new aviation policy based on that anyone can travel across the 25 cities in India for less than Rs. 2500.

According to the sources, the Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the new Aviation policy under the chairmanship of Indian primer Narendra Modi Ji. This is the country’s first National Aviation Policy of 2016 wherein the first one hour regional flights will be capped at Rs. 2500 per passenger.

According to the sources, there are around 18 routes in India connecting 25 cities which have a flying distance of less than an hour. The passengers flying between Delhi to Jaipur, Lucknow, Dehradun, Chandigarh and Simla will get the benefit of cheaper airfare between these routes after the implementation of the new aviation policy.

The New Aviation Policy


Beside this Goa-Mumbai, Mumbai-Poona, Goa Surat, Kolkatta- Ranchi and Buvaneshwar, Hyderabad-Vijayawada and Tirupati, Bangalore-Coimbatore and Kochi, Diu to Porbandar, Kochi to Trivandrum, Chennai to Bangalore and Indore to Nagpur journey will cost less than Rs. 2500 claimed the sources.

According to sources, the reason behind the implementation of the new aviation policy is to improve and rehabilitate the domestic aviation industry in India. Keeping the growth of this sector in mind the Indian government has devised this aviation policy said the sources.

The new aviation scheme will not only perk up the growth in this sector but it will also improve the incentives of the private sector airlines. The reason behind the implementation of the new aviation policy is to improve the domestic airline sector in India.

This new development is the brainchild of primer Modi Ji and there is no doubt that this kind of development will only help to improve the overall aviation sector in India. It will also give the passengers more reason to travel by air. On the downside, airfares may rise marginally; with the policy imposing a 2 per cent cess on all domestic and international tickets to improve regional connectivity said the sources.

Ashok Gajapathi Raju, minister for Civil Aviation, tweeted the policy will be a game-changer, while Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “A questionable legacy (5/20 norm) has been thrown into the dustbin.” By capping regional fares, the government wants more Indians to fly. If everyone in the middle-class income bracket take a flight just once in a year, it translates to 300 million tickets, an exponential jump from 70 million sold in FY15. “The policy is revolutionary and air traffic will get a booster shot. The Rs 2,500-cap will attract passengers. If we incur losses, the government may compensate up to 80%… we will have clarity on the fine print is out,” Prem Kumar Pandey, assistant vice president, True jet told Express.

Source: Various sources

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