This must be one of the most shocking things that have happened in the resort in Betalbatim wherein the security guard went berserk and attacked the staff and General Manager of the resort. He is seen on the CCTV camera running around the property with the broken beer bottle in his hand. (CCTV CLIP AT THE BOTTOM)

The report says that due to some unknown reasons the said security guard working the resort situated at Betalbatim in South Goa went berserk and attacked the GM of the Resort S Rajesh with the beer bottle and injured him. Thereafter he went hunting on the other staff of the resort. The CCTV footage clearly shows the security guard wearing the yellow T-shirt running around the property with the broken beer bottle in his hand. All the staff of the resort scared of this so called crazy security guard is seen running around the property to save their lives. The police had been summoned who later took control of the situation and arrested the guard and lodged him into the four days of police custody, said the sources.

The video clip shown on the Prudent media TV channel makes it clear that security guard went out of control and is running around the property with something in his hand and the staff running around to save their lives. The hotel sources claimed that the guard was drunk and went out of control under the influence of the liquor.


The General Manager of the resort told the media that, he saw the staff running around shouting help, help “When I asked them what happened and why you all are running around they said sir you also run and save your life as that security guard is drunk and he is having the broken beer bottle in his hands and claims that whoever comes in his way  will get killed.”

According to the GM of the resort, when he was about to run the guard appeared from the restaurant and attacked him with the broken beer bottle due to which he received the cuts on his belly. “I got cuts on my belly and started bleeding and when I was trying run he took hold my leg and twisted so badly that my ankle got fractured,” said GM of the resort.

The GM of the resort now claims that the security guard was not working with the real name. “He told us his name as Felipe but when police grilled him he revealed his true identity and told his name as Kamal Kumar Pant from Assam,” said GM. The GM also blamed the security agency for not doing the police verification of the security guards before appointing them to the job.

Meanwhile, when media contacted the Wild Security Agency for the cross verification of the facts the agency chief Milagres Fernandes told the media completely different story. According to Milagres, the hotel staff had beaten the security guard and locked him in the room and then informed the agency about the misbehavior of the guard. “I was told by the hotel management that my security guard is creating nuisance under the influence of the liquor and they told me to come down immediately,” said Milagros adding that he immediately deputed his field officer to go and check the situation. “But when I reached the resort I saw that the security guard was locked in the room and he was beaten by the hotel staff and GM before looking into the room.”


According to the agency chief Milagres, the said security guard went there to have the food and that time he was not on the duty. “That security guard was not on the duty and he just went to have food there as they get the food even during the off-duty as per the hotel regulations. It looks like they denied him the food which resulted in the argument between the staff of the hotel and security guard,” said Melagres.

According to Milagres, the staff of the hotel including the GM came together and trashed the security guard very badly and locked him into the room and later on informed him. “The security guard was bleeding from his mouth and nose and he was tied down with the rope. They did not even inform me that they had beaten him so badly,” claimed the security agency chief Milagres Fernandes.

The security guard is presently in the police lock up and Colva police are doing the further investigation to find out the actual fact behind the incident. It is only following the proper police investigation the real facts will come out, said the sources. Now everything depends on the police investigation. This may not be the very important case to many as only the security guard in involved into it but you still leave your valuable suggestions and comments on this issue.




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