Recruitment Scam In Nurse’s Appointment Exposed at Goa Dental Collage

Goa Dental College
Goa Dental College

Multiple agencies have been part of a larger nexus when it has come to jobs and recruitment for various other purposes. In the past, several have come to light with the help of vigilant citizens. 

In a revelation today, it has surfaced that certain political leaders, if not the entire state government, seem to have got their hands into certain recruitment processes, which they shouldn’t have. 

A local newspaper, in a shocking revelation, has pointed out a recruitment scam that has been unfolding within one of Goa’s top institute, Goa Dental College. The con pertains to about 37 job vacancies identified for the position of nurses at the institute. 

The state government, under the umbrella of the covid-19 pandemic, has been successful at implementing and undertaking several things, many of which haven’t gone down well amid local Goans. According to information in the local report, the state health ministry engaged 37 nurses on a regular basis at the Dental college. 

The problem here, however, as mentioned, is the process by which the state authorities undertook the appointment process. An exam, followed by interviews was reportedly conducted, however, after that everything was mum. Directly, some candidates were apparently issued letters of appointment, and that was it. 


Other applicants have claimed that they were neither informed about their results, as many were eagerly waiting for them. Without this announcement done, the opening was filled and it was only now that the other candidates waiting eagerly, have realized everything was already done and dusted. 

The other most important aspect pointed out in the report is the preferential treatment given to candidates belonging to constituencies from North Goa, selectively, Sattari. As reported, 17 of the 37 candidates hail from Sattari taluka, while a few others from Bicholim. It is important to note that Vishwajit Rane, the state health minister, represents the Valpoi constituency from Sattari taluka too. 

The candidates, who neither got a result nor any other communication afterward, have pointed out an unjust system wherein most candidates getting through are only from the Sattari area. They have questioned how that was possible, and if it was all planned, then the government should have not wasted their time by calling them for an exam and interview. 

The Health Minister, however, has taken a defensive step and has stated that all due process was followed by his department, adding that the results have been announced and appointment letters were given based on them. However, what apprehensions the other candidates who missed out can’t be totally ignored by the health minister’s statement. 

If it is true, then the health department is answerable to all the candidates that applied and were not able to get recruited because of a biased system followed here. Furthermore, if it is accurate that preferential treatment was given to the candidates from the Sattari area, Goans from other constituencies, some worth at being given the job too, were left out because of a system headed by politicos is only working towards facilitating their vote banks. 

The state government has been at the receiving end of pretty much what it is doing these months, however, it cannot just pass the blame onto people for opposing or raising doubts. Right from its handling of the covid-19 pandemic initially, to the exuberant rates – both of medical equipment, and then of private medical covid care – have had strong criticism. It is time the state government comes clean on its doings, and if this recruitment scam, as it says isn’t true, it has to prove itself to the many locals who missed a chance at securing a full-time job.   

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