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Most Awaited Shows Including ‘Extraction 2’ and ‘Lust Stories Season 2’ Releasing on Netflix in May

The most awaited second seasons of Extraction and Lust Stories and 4th season of Titans will be releasing on Netflix this month
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Extraction Season 2
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Here is a list of titles releasing on Netflix over the course of the next two weeks. The list includes new shows as well as sequels to popular ones.

Releasing on 16/06/2023

Extraction 2

Highly skilled commando Tyler Rake comes back from the brink of death for another dangerous rescue mission.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

As Asta, a boy who cannot wield magic strives for the title of the wizard king, four banished Wizard kings return to crush the Clover kingdom.

Releasing on 17/06/2023

King of the Land

A charming heir clashes with his employee known for her irresistible smile— which he cannot stand, all amidst a tense fight for the inheritance.

Releasing on 19/06/2023

Not quite Narwhal

Curious little kelp has been living his life as a Narwhal, only to find out that he is actually a unicorn. Now he’s got two worlds to explore.

Releasing on 20/06/2023

85 South: Ghetto Legends

A one of a kind comedy event where nothing and no one is off limits. DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean bring their podcast to the stage.

Releasing on 22/06/2023

Sleeping Dog

A former detective living on the streets sets out in search of the truth after a new death, raising doubts about a supposedly solved murder case.

Releasing on 23/06/2023

Titans Season 4

The Titans face a deadly and powerful cult in Metropolis insistent on destroying them and the world as they try to make their way back home.

Releasing on 28/06/2023

Lust Stories 2

Lust Stories is an anthology consisting of four bite-sized films that are fresh yet familiar. It explores the theme of lust, love, and relationships. Similar to the first franchise it lays light on relationships from the viewpoint of an Indian woman. It explores the lives of women from various generations and upbringings and still manages to connect them on common ground.

Releasing on 30/06/2023

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