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Ash’s Carbon Copy Anjali Sivaraman Taking The Spotlight With Top “Class” Performance

The obsession with Hazel Green Eyes in the film industry has always got their admirable fan base naturally. The new face is being cherished in
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Anjali Sivaraman
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The film industry’s obsession with Hazel Green Eyes has always naturally got its admirable fan base. The new face is being cherished in the same way. Suhani Ahuja is the new glamourous topic from the trending Netflix series “Class”. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Who is Anjali Sivaraman?

Anjali Sivaraman (born October 1997) is 26 years (as of 2023). An Indian model, actor, Singer, TV personality, social media Influencer, media face, and entrepreneur from Bangalore Karnataka. She has earned an admirable fanbase. After Sneha Ullal, Anjali Sivaraman is known as the carbon Copy of Aishwarya Rai who is entering this Film industry with a lot of Love from the audience of the Netflix Trending series “Class” which was released this month which is also the Indian version of a Spanish hit web series “Elite”. She is playing the Role of Suhani Ahuja and her Eyes bring a similar magnetic charm to Aishwarya Rai. 

Anjali Sivaraman’s roots belong to an artistic Family. Her mother Chitra Iyer is an actor and well-known singer.   Anjali Sivaraman started her career primarily as a model while she was in Bangalore (her hometown). Through her Friend who was a photographer, they started their Journey Together.  Even though her father Vinod Sivaraman is a former Air Force Pilot he always encouraged her to follow her passion for singing. 

Netflix Web Series “Class”

The “Class” series is a crime thriller Drama and subtle social commentary about revealing the Deep and brutal realities of society. It also genders Classism, casteism, and mentally upset situations. Anjali is appreciated for playing the most complex character Perfectly and she undoubtedly suits the look she Carries. In the series “Class” Anjali has worked with Co-stars Rohit Singh, Ayesha kanga, Piyush Khati, Madhuri Gawili, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Zeyn Shaw, Gurfateh Phirzada.

Being one of the Core cast of the series Anjali Sivarman aka Suhani Ahuja has perfectly showcased a complicated character who is a  rich teenager and drug addict. But rather than all, she quickly gets gripped by a sophisticated newcomer Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (Piyush Khati).

Some Facts Check

  • Anjali Sivaraman has her own YouTube Channel where she shares various cover songs and Instagram handles.   She is an Animal lover and has pet cats and Dogs. Also, has volunteered for the International Association of cat clubs. 
  • Anjali is a multi-talented young artist who keeps painting and stretching as a hobby whenever she is free. 
  • Previously, Anjali was introduced to the creative industry as a TV commercial model and print advertisements. Mostly, in the Internet Movie database Anjali portrayed the lead character “Anuja Dixit” in the movie “Cobalt Blue” (2022 Netflix) and she was the Protagonist in the Short film “Jenny”.
  • Other than Ash, because of her bold and Charismatic Charms she is similarly stated to the actresses from the film industry like-    Radhika Apte, Sneha Ullal, and Deepika Padukone because of her Brown skin and doll eyes.  
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