Mangal Plantation

Mangal Farm encourages organic farming and boasts of its Cashew and Mango plantation, Floriculture, Spices and Herbs. Its mission to be one with nature and be inspired to preserve it. Mangal Farm encourages organic farming and boasts of its Cashew and Mango plantation, Horticulture, Spices and Herbs. It is situated a midst lush green vegetation in the Western Ghats. The village comprises of the Velip and Dhangar tribe of Goa. The farm is scattered with exotic tropical flowers such a Ginger lily, Heliconia, Plumeria of various color Buddhars Bamboo, Spice Trees and many other exotic plants. Farm covers an area that comprises of mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls and Streams. It lures people who are nature lovers, photographers, artists, writers, herbalists, healers and naturalists A great get away for those who wish to enjoy the solitude

Wake up to the sounds of exotic birds, hooping Monkeys and in season watch the fire flies light up trees. Witness the unusual spider that webs it home in a conical shape during the Tulsi Vivah, which is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant to the Hindu god Vishnu or his Avatar Krishn (nov)

In Mangal Farm you would be giving an opportunity to connect with your inner self in a holistic way with the help of guidance given by holistic health practitioners Cradled in the foothills of the Western Ghats that run through Goa is Mangal Plantation near Quepem, in area rich in archaeological sites, ancient groves and fabulous bio-diversity.

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Far away from the maddening crowd, the beaches and the parties, lies a quite little farmhouse called Mangal. Nestled amoung the rainforests of the western ghats, Mangal is the ideal choice for a quite getaway for the nature lover as well as the adventurer.

Explore the flora and fauna of this delicate ecosystem that has been jealously preserved for centuries. Walk through lush green forests and enjoy the colors of nature in all their splendor. Discover the joy of bathing under the gushing Kadel waterfall and relax as the fresh mountain water soothes away the tensions. Stumble upon ancient ruins and carvings of an era long forgotten or simply stroll through sacred groves and pay homage to their deities. Experience the breeze from a field of orchids or buy a couple of palms from our own organic farms. Plant some anthuriums on your way out and leave here a small legacy of yourself.

Walks and Treks and explore the village in and around the farm. Visit the Usgalima Rock Engravings these petroglyphs (rock art) are approximately 20,000 to 30,000 years old and belong to the Upper Paleolithic or Mesolithic eras. figures are carved on laterite stones. You can also enjoy the flavors of organically grown Vegetables and seasonal fruit.

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