The fallen Bridge over Savitri River

In one of the most tragic accidents that took place in Mahad Maharashtra due to the collapse of a major bridge connecting Mumbai-Goa at 11pm on Tuesday in which two buses and several other vehicles are said to have been fallen in the Savitri River. According to the sources, due to heavy rains and darkness vehicles could not see that that the bridge has collapsed in the middle and before anyone could guess that several vehicles fell in the river. The only eye witness to this has narrated the horrifying story of the accident. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The incident said to have taken place at around 11 and the only eyewitness to this incident is a mechanic called Vasant Kumar who told the media that at around 11pm on Tuesday he just happened to peep out of the window of his room and saw the vehicles falling continuously in the river and then he realized that the bridge has collapsed. “At around 11pm on Tuesday when I came near the window I saw the vehicles are coming on the bridge but disappearing on the way then I realized that the bridge is fallen down,” he said adding that “I immediately called on 100 but there was no response and then I called my boss and went running on the adjacent new bridge to stop the vehicles passing from the old bridge but by that time several vehicles including two buses has already fallen into the river,” said Vasant.

The fallen Bridge over Savitri River
The fallen Bridge over Savitri River

This accident was so sudden and unexpected that by the time the vehicle drivers could guess the danger, the vehicles had fallen in the river. Around 22 people traveling in two buses including the drivers, conductors and passenger are feared dead and several more in the other vehicles that drowned in the river are missing said the sources.

According to the reports, the said bridge was more than 100 years old which was built on River Savitri by the British rulers in India. When the accident took place the river was overflowing due to heavy rains said the sources. Out of 15 vehicles that supposed to have fallen in the river, no survivors or vehicles have been traced by the rescue team as yet. According to the sources, the Indian government has deployed the chetak helicopter into the rescue operations.

There are several rescue teams have been put into the rescue operation that includes the rafting boats but due to the continuous rains the task of the rescue team is becoming more difficult claimed the sources.

According to the sources, the entire Mumbai Goa traffic has been diverted via a new bridge which is constructed just next the old one.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said, “Spoke to Raigad SP & Collector about bridge collapse on Mumbai-Goa highway. The administration has rushed to spot for rescue and immediate measures.”

He further added, “There were two parallel bridges: One is a new bridge and one constructed during the British era. The old one got collapsed. The primary reason seems to be the high pressure caused due to flooding of river Savitri due to heavy rains in the catchment of Mahabaleshwar.”

Bridge Collapsed 2

The Chief Minister also said that there is no confirmed assessment, adding, “Administration will ensure speedy rescue & relief operations.” “All machinery at work, but we are not in a position to comment on casualties,” reported ANI quoting Raigad SP Suvez Haque. Meanwhile, NDRF has sent one team comprising of 50 men for relief operations.

According to the sources, the tragic incident said to have taken place at around 11pm on Tuesday night and the rescue operation started only in the morning 7am on Wednesday, this time, is more than sufficient for the vehicles to flow into the nearby sea which around 30KM from the accident spot. Although the rescue operations are going in the full swing but one cannot dive into the overflowing river and perhaps by the time they manage to trace out the vehicles it might enter in the deep sea connected to the river. Only at the end of the rescue operation, the actual figure of life loss will get surfaced. Till then you keep checking out for the more updates of Goa Prism Facebook Page.

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