This is one of the most serious issues of concern for the people of Goa and especially the residents of Vasco area who do the shopping at the Goa Sahakar Bhandar at Vasco. According to the sources, the ceiling of the Goa Sahakar Bhandar Vasco came down crashing in the wee hours of Saturday when not many people were around and hence no injuries took place, said the sources.

According to the sources, the ceiling of the Goa Sahakar Bhandar known as Pushpagandha have been collapsed on the wee hours of Saturday but no casualty took place, said the sources in the Bhandar. According to the sources, the customers claims that it is very old building and the highly deteriorated condition of the same had been brought to the notice of the concern authorities on several occasions but no action had been taken by them.

It looks like the Sahakar Bhandar Authorities were waiting for the accident to take place, said the sources. Now customers are scared to enter the premises since they are not sure as for when another incident may take place. One of the customers told the local news channel Prudent Media that, the authorities needs to take the serious cognisance of this incident and carry out the necessary repair work as soon as possible. “There is a serious need of repairs to this old building,” said one customer adding that “Otherwise they should shift to the better premises. If this ceiling had to fall on any of the staff members or the customer, it would have been a serious issue.”


The staff of the Sahakar Bhandar is also not happy with the management and they feel that there is a need for change. “If it had to fall on any one of us who would have taken care of our children? ” said one of the staff member on the assurance of anonymity. Many customers have a similar opinion on this issue and it is the time for the Sahakar Bhandar Management to take some serious steps in the direction of improving their infrastructure and services, said the sources.

People of Vasco feels that the local MLA or Municipal Corporation is also responsible for this incident as it comes under their jurisdiction and instead of inspecting such dangerous building and issuing the order of evacuation they are just sitting in the office and enjoying their positions. “These people (the concern authorities) are incapable of doing anything. Despite BJP is in power and Mr. Parrikar is supporting them (MLAs) no improvement is taking place in the Vasco City,” said another annoyed customer.

The customer insisted that they have told the authorities that the slab is going to fall one day and in fact, there is a possibility of the even collapse of the building if the situation is not dealt with in the time. “The municipality needs to lock this premises as per the law but surprisingly that is not happening,” he said.

Meanwhile one of the members of Vasco Municipality said that they had already spoken to their local body about the situation but no action has been initiated as yet. “We have given the instruction that most of the building in the Vasco are not safe and it needs to be declared unsafe for the people. We had visited this premises in the past and told spoke to the staff members but they (staff members) said they cannot go against their management,” he said adding that, “I told them if something happens then who will be responsible for this? According to me our Municipality is fighting on the different issue but neglecting such serious issues. They need to declare this building unsafe and put the lock on it”.


This is a very serious concern and if the Government or local politicians are not able to do anything about it, people needs to address this issue by coming down on the roads. This is not the first case in the city of Vasco wherein such incident happened. Earlier two months back there was one case in which the entire floor of one apartment was collapsed causing seriously injures. It is the normal practice of the authorities to wake up only when some serious accidents take place, but till when such kind of things will go on? please do leave your valuable comments on this serious issue.




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