Li Bai

Situated in South Goa at five star property Taj Exotica Li Bai is one of the famous upmarket restaurants in Goa. The restaurant is named after one of the best loved poets in Chinese literature. It is one of the best places to experience the mysterious flavours of the Orient in Goa. The focus is on Chinese cuisine with a sprinkling of other Oriental delicacies and the specialities served are from Sichuan, Canton and Hunan provinces in China. Sichaun and Cantonese are the more pungent cuisines, while Hunan has a more subtle and delicate taste. Dig in to an array of items here, ranging from Peking Duck and Sichuan-style fiery dishes in seafood to pork, beef and chicken delicacies. The delectable Crispy-fried Spinach and Lotus Stem with honey and chilli sauce make for excellent items in a very Oriental setting. Try their signature dishes – the Singaporean Chili Crab and the Pla Rad Prik. A meal here could bring out the poet in you.

Taj exotica is undoubtedly is one of the best star property situated in South Goa and most of the star celebrities do keep visiting this resort for the stay and most of them visit the Li Bai to savior the Chinese recipe. Situated right besides the Benaulim beach, this resort has a different world in its bounding and the view is no less than a mirage and the service is upto the mark The area is so huge that you will have to spend probably 2 nights or more to check out everything.

Li Bai Oriental Restaurant at taj exotica

The service here is so well implemented that you are not left isolated even for a second.The order takes a little time to be served, but that is something you will except in such hotel but you will hardly notice that as you will be busy looking around at the state of art interiors of the resort.


The quality of the food is at its best as most of the five star properties maintain their food standard with the international standards, In a nutshell La Bai is one of the best place to be experienced when you have put up in south Goa.

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