The Banyan Tree

Enjoy the subtle and complex flavours of Thai cuisine made more evocative because of the setting. You dine in the shadows of a 300 year old Banyan Tree. It’s a restaurant experience like no other. Savour the fresh specialties that are made possible because of the resort’s spice garden. Experience the curry wagon with the renowned Chef Prajaub, cooking Thai delicacies to your taste at your tableside. Some must tries will be the deep fried king prawns with garlic and pepper sauce, the spicy raw papaya salad, or the classic Thai green curry with chicken, just to name a few.

Banyan Tree is one of the first Thai speciality restaurant in Goa perhaps in India housed by the big brand Vivanta by Taj. The independent structure tiled to suit the Goan surroundings but still retaining the Thai influence, is set under a giant banyan tree which is over three centuries old. This is the open airy restaurant surrounded by lush green lawns is a soothing sight for stressed senses. Or you can opt for the inner air conditioned area which is dominated by a chandelier made out of coconut shells cascading from the ceiling. On some evenings the action moves outdoors where music and entertainment combines with the food to give you that special Thai experience.

Banyan Tree Restaurant_goa

The Thai chef prepares a new menu every year, but you can expect the Thai Green Curry and Pla Rad Prik, crispy fried fish made with fresh local catch at all times. The items have a distinct flavour of the herbs and coconuts. For starters, there’s Coconut Seafood Soup and Spring Rolls. Their signature dishes include Spicy and Sour Prawn Soup, Crispy Fried Vegetables in roasted chilli sauce, and Sweet Water Chestnuts in coconut milk.


A delightful main course item is the Choo Chi Goong Mangkon, which is diced lobsters in red curry sauce and a delicious item. Sample also the River Crab in a spicy curry sauce. You can also enjoy some gourmet Thai-style stir fries with vegetables, beef and chicken. In seafood, go for the amazing deep-fried King Prawns with garlic and pepper Sauce. Like the roots of the Banyan Tree the chef’s have worked on preparations from all over Thailand and brought it here for the experience. And it is a ‘gourmet’ experience.

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