When we think of Chinese food restaurants in Goa only two names comes in front of my eyes the First is of course The Famous Goenchin and second is Gaylin situated in south Goa. Goenchin is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the city started way back in 1982. Goenchin has evolved to include more than just the fl avours of China. Yes, the restaurant has all the original Chinese favourites but it has greatly expanded its repertoire to include dishes from Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea and more. Apart from a really huge menu, they also love to innovate and offer a whole host of themed food festivals, the most recent one being to celebrate Chinese new Year. even the cocktails and mocktails are constantly being upgraded. expect to be pleasantly surprised every time you visit and you won’t be disappointed. The eatery is casual and very reasonable but in stylishly tasteful interiors. With the food you really can’t go wrong but do try the Goenchin Special Soup, a hearty blend of noodles, chicken, prawns and vegetables in an aromatic broth. The Malaysian Chicken and Pan Fried Chili Fish are delicious but you will have to make several trips to this restaurant to discover your own favourites from the large menu. end your meal with a Pisang Goreng, the banana fritters with ice-cream, and you’ll be happy to have come across this sweet little eatery in the heart of Panjim.

There are old favourites as well as new preparations which will keep traditionalists happy. A steep climb up a slope and you arrive at a small cosy specifically designed restaurant. Shades of the orient! The menu boasts of authentic Chinese cuisine with a small quotient of Indonesian and Thai preparations. While you can sashay start the meal with Satay BBQ Prawns. Remember that the main course has a wide choice to feast on like the Chinese Emperors of yore.


The Chai Ta Ha – you would be pardoned for doing the cha cha cha after this preparation – is a good start. Prawns marinated and cooked in a coriander sauce spiced up with ginger, garlic, scallions and green chilies. Another favourite is the Devil’s Lamb – slices of lamb cooked in a chili garlic sauce. With a prawn and lamb suggestion, lets focus on a chicken. Go sweeter this time to counteract the spice. Order Chicken in honey Hunan sauce and accompany this with fried rice or chef’s own Cantonese Noodles. Yellow, red and green – no traffic signals here but the colours in the noodles. Spinach, red and yellow capsicum the whole preparation is tossed in oyster sauce. Coriander sauce, then a chili garlic sauce and honey and soy sauce mixed with noodles in oyster sauce.


Even the Emperor would not be favored with such a varied combo. Look out for their signature preparations – for starters the Malaysian Chicken, Garlic Pepper Prawns and for the main course Kindo Chicken and King Prawns in chilly oyster sauce. For desserts try the Date Pancake or the Pisang Goreng with ice cream. The latter is Indonesian meaning ‘banana.’ Batter Fried Bananas tossed in honey and served with ice cream. A smooth interlude one must savour before its time to go back to the routine. So in Goa if you want chin-chin, then it is Goenchin!

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