It is not new, Such Incidents Happens – Says Karnataka Home Minister on Bengaluru Mass Molestation Case

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The above statement of the home minister comes on the backdrop of the mass molestation taken place in the Bengaluru on the new year’s eve party in Bangalore. What kind of disgusting trend does the home minister is trying to set by saying these words? Instead of punishing the culprits the minister is blaming women calling them as followers of western culture. This may not be the first such incident took place in India but the shocking fact is that not a single case of molestation and harassment has been registered despite the photographic illustrations, said the sources.According to the sources in the Bangalore Mirror, Bengaluru doesn’t know diddly-squat about celebrating – it only knows hooliganism. And just like in Delhi, women who dare to have a good time in public, often end up getting mauled. This statement given the shocking insight into the IT city of India.

According to the sources, the home minister of Karnataka state, Mr. G Parameshwara on Monday made the weird statement in the media saying that, there were enough arrangements of the police force in Bangalore to ensure the safety of the women “But such incident do happen on New Year day and Christmas”, he said. He was speaking to media on the incidents of mass molestation on MG Road and Brigade Road during the celebrations. “We had deployed 1500 police personnel in the area for new year’s celebrations. Such incidents do happen on New Year day and on Christmas. We take a lot of precautions,” Parmeshwara was quoted as saying by ANI.

According to the sources, the minister’s response came following the publication of the front page report in Bangalore Mirror about unruly mobs who molested women who had gathered at MG Road and Brigade Road. But the sources have said the not a single case had been registered at the police station regarding the molestation despite the facts that photographic evidence had been published in the paper.

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Meanwhile, the former deputy commissioner of the city under whose purview the Brigade Road and MG Road falls told the media that few women did approach to the police seeking their help when they got separated from their family members and friends. “So we used our public address systems to locate and our men ensured they faced no hardship,” he said.

This was in contradiction to what some of the other police personnel deployed on the streets had to say. A woman police officer deployed on Church Street had to chase away a couple of men trying to molest and strip a drunk woman. “It is very disturbing to see women caught in such helpless situation,” she had told Mirror. Ajai Kumar Singh, retired director-general of police told the daily, “It has been the case since the 70s. Handling the New Year crowd in Bengaluru is very difficult, but that means the police department should have a clear plan and be well-prepared to ensure there are no major incidents.”



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