50 thousand Jobs and 50 lac rupees loan for unemployed youth if elected to power – AAP

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Finally, AAP has come out with their election manifesto with the commitment of making the 50 thousand jobs available within the period of 5 years time and easy loan schemes for the unemployed youth of Goa by way of business loans of up to Rs. 50 lacs. This is the huge bonus promised by the AAP CM candidate Mr. Elvis Gomes for the Goans if elected to the power in the forthcoming assembly polls. What more AAP has in galore for the people of Goa, read here…

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No elections can be fought and won without offering the promises to the voters and election manifesto is one the best way of offering the same. Every political party comes out with their own election manifesto and tries to lure the voters. Earlier all the winning parties have done the same and at the end what they have offered that only the voters know better. AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is contesting an election for the first time in the state of Goa and according to their CM candidate, this time AAP will form the Government in the state of Goa.

Today AAP has announced loads of goodies to the youth of Goa through their manifesto. The CM candidate of AAP Goa Mr. Elvis Gomes said that there is a need of channelising the energy of youth by giving them proper direction and opportunities. “AAP has decided to take up this responsibility by providing the employments to the unemployed youth of Goa. We will generate 50,000 jobs (opportunities) in just five years time in for Goan youth and we will provide the single windows clearances to the industries and private sectors who will help us in achieving this goal. Besides the above, there will be Aam Aadmi Rozgar Yojana which will provide the loans up to Rs. 50 lacs to the unemployed youth with the simple application process,” said Mr. Gomes.

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He also pointed out the loopholes in the existing Chief Minister Rozgar Yojana by bringing its failure into the light. “In the existing Chief Minister Rozgar Yojana, from 2001 to 2016 only 6000 beneficiaries were able to take the advantage of the schemes,” said Mr. Gomes calling it the pathetic performance of the past government.    

He also alleged the existing government of having the nexus with the builders and providing them the land in under the guise of regional plans. Citing it as a deep level of corruption Mr. Gomes assured the healthy education system in the future. “The AAP government will ensure the high-quality education and infrastructure in the government schools. The teachers will be insulated from the nonacademic duty and will make to focus extensively on what they teach,” he said.

Mr. Gomes also made the announcement of building the Goa’s first sports university, Agricultural University and Skills university in the state to support the well paying and respectable careers in sports, farming and Agricultural sciences. He said that AAP will also set up the FREE WI-FI zones across the colleges, Universities and Public places in Goa. “We will double the sports budget to make sure that Goa will become India’s first sports powerhouse. To make sure the success of schemes we will provide 200,000 per college for cultural and sporting activities,” he said.

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All the above schemes look to be, too good to lose and this makes the victory of the AAP in Goa more positive. Although AAP has made the huge promises but will they be able to come out from the debt-ridden situation that is existing in the state before they implement the said schemes still remain the matter of concern. For that matter, none of the parties have any solid plans as yet.


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