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Here is Why Movie Theatres are Situated on The Top Floor In Shopping Malls

Most of the shopping malls has a video theatre and invariably they are situated on the top floor of the malls, but do you know
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Movie Theatres in Shopping Malls in India
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Indians’ shopping habits are changing as a result of large malls with multiple showrooms under one roof. Most of the time, people end up buying things they don’t even need, and marketers employ a variety of tactics to persuade visitors to do so.

On weekends, movie theatres are the place to be! It’s a great way to spend quality time with the family, with a new movie released every Friday. Malls now include movie theatres. As a result, customers can enjoy food, entertainment, and shopping all at the same time. However, movie theatres are typically found on the top floor of shopping malls. Have you ever wondered why?

There are a number of reasons for this. The first goal is to make more cash! You may be wondering how one can make money by keeping theatres on the top floor! It’s really that simple! People will have to cross the entire mall to get to the theatres, thanks to oddly placed maze-like escalators! This provides them with an overview of all the brands available at the mall, as well as their products and promotions. 

This is a ruse designed to entice people to buy. So you know what happened when your innocent movie experience turns into a shopping trip!

Second, movie theatres necessitate a large space, which can sometimes take up an entire floor. As a result, the engineers keep the top floor reserved for theatres to make construction easier. After all, no one wants to sit in a movie theatre with columns erupting in front of them, do they? As such, the top floor allows for simple construction while avoiding structural complications.

Third, movie theatres are located on the top floors to accommodate the large crowds that they attract. Consider a movie theatre at the entrance to a mall. You can imagine the crowds and traffic that will result. This will not only be difficult to manage, but it will also result in a loss for other stores. 

If theatres are placed near the entrance, people will not come into the shop, which is something the owners do not want! As a result, theatres are located on the highest floors to provide customers with the best possible view of the mall’s stores.

There is one more reason, and that is safety. When the kitchen of the food courts is on the upper floors, it becomes much easier to remove people from the emergency gate.

Now you understand why the climb to the theatre is so steep! However, the next time you visit a mall, you can either take the elevator or walk directly to the theatre. Alternatively, you can enjoy the mall’s food, stores, and services! Nonetheless, enjoy the entertainment experience and have fun!

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