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Indian Standup Comedian Kenny Sebastian Married His Sweetheart Tracy Alison in Private Ceremony in Goa

Famous Indian Standup Comedian Kenny Sebastian Got Hitched To His His Sweetheart Tracy Alison in a Private Ceremony in Goa.
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Kenny Sebastian Marries His Sweetheart Tracy Alison in Goa
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Famous Indian Standup Comedian Kenny Sebastian married his sweetheart Tracy Alison in a private ceremony in Goa. The couple sparkles in the midst of an elegant and whimsical setting. To formalize their relationship in the presence of close family members and friends, the couple selected an enchanting wedding décor. 

The wedding took place in Goa, and many of his industry friends attended. Aside from a dreamy white wedding, the pair also participated in Hindu rites and even danced to Bollywood songs while dressed in Indian regalia. Kenny took to Instagram to inform fans of the news and to welcome his bride home. In addition, he stated that his wedding day was “the most memorable day of my life.”

Fascinated by the white ethereal dreamland, the couple chose a minimalist design, soft taupe, sensual theme for their wedding and attempted to match it with fairy lights to create a total haven. Their blissful wedding interior features a combination of whitish and pinkish tones to complement their attire, natural elements with a perception of the setting sun and beach, a portrayal of the beach that completes their wedding theme.

1. Chandelier and fairy lights adorn the magical dance floor.

Aside from the shades of floral touch, the duo created an awe-inspiring and captivating dance floor. Their site proved to be a flawless key message for someone who desires such a stunning and illusory décor, with their inscribed initials on the floor, white chandelier, and fairy lights all around. While finalizing the features of the dreamy setup, keep in mind that neutral tones or an al fresco ceremony will provide a scenic view.

2. Artful motif

The couple used an ornately styled backdrop with a floral touch all around to send a clear message that they are preferable together. This backdrop is embellished with yellow-hued fairy bulbs, which add a chic touch to the style. Everything mystical and floral made the setting ideal for photographs and lifelong memories. If you want to use a backdrop, make sure to cover it with similar lighting.

3. Drops from the dining area

It is said that food is the best way to make your guests happy, and the couple proves this by making the food area elite and exquisite. With the white twirls on the ceiling, bulbs, and lush greenery, the space appears to be ideal for making that toast and saying goodbye to all the wedding fatigue. Furthermore, large white flower vases on the table complement the overall décor.

4. Window staged with a dusk view

As we witness a beautiful sunset with a beachside view at this couple’s wedding, Goa is undoubtedly an appealing location for a wedding. The couple captures everyone’s attention with an extraordinary stage that features unique window-like cut-outs that are further defined with goldenrods, and they mark their fresh start of an amazing adventure.

“Tracy is home @tracealison.” “I just wanted to update my sweet insta followers that I got married, and it was the most memorable day of my life,” he wrote in the caption, alongside photos from his wedding day. While the first one captures Kenny on his knees holding his wife’s hands on the dance floor.

Our sweet blessings to the couple for the days ahead. We hope that you get all the vital inspiration for your dreamy wedding décor.

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