Goan Youth Convicted in UK – 30-Year-Old Convicted For Sending Sexually Explicit Texts and Images to a 12-year-old Girl

Francisco Pereira, 30-year-old, the resident of Salcete, presently working in the UK was arrested by the police for sending explicit messages on Facebook to the twelve-year-old girl. The incident had taken place 6 months ago in 2017 and Goa Prism had published the same in their online edition of January 2018, along with the video clip issued by Wolf Pack Hunters from the UK.   

According to the latest developments, the accused Francisco Pereira was convicted by England’s Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday for sending the explicit messages to a 12-year-old girl. The charges put were for sexually grooming two young underage girls from the UK. Pereira pleaded guilty for having sexual communications through the social media and even tried to meet the girls. It wasn’t just once, but it is known that the accused tried to connect and sexually groom them on earlier occasions.

What is sexually grooming? Sexual Grooming is about making a child think that sex with the offender is normal or that they have no choice. Offenders do this by building a relationship and emotional connection with the child.

The reports published in the Indian Express indicates that from 15th to 30th December 2017, Pereira was communicating with the girls and sending them sexually explicit photographs and messages.


According to Ideal News, Francisco didn’t know and expect the women to be underage. On December 29, 2017, he made an attempt to fulfill both women when he did not somewhat imagine both of them to be 12 years old and was supposed to do something to both minors, which if carried out would have amounted to an offense. 

The actual truth was that Francisco was communicating with a middle-aged secret agent woman who posed as two younger women. She was a volunteer from the Wolf Pack Hunters, an Internet vigilante group. Francisco was eventually caught in a sting operation run by Wolf Pack Hunters UK, an initiative that takes down pedophiles in the UK.

In May 2018, Pereira had pleaded not guilty to the same charges at Uxbridge magistrates’ court. Pereira’s lawyer mentions to TOI, “I appreciate the court will be concerned about him absconding but his uncle who he lives with can offer a surety. He has been out of work since he was arrested and is burdened with the responsibility of helping his uncle out financially and paying rent and bills and sending money to his sick mother in India.”

His passport has been impounded and Judge Wood from the Isle Crown court said: “I am not returning the passport because of his guilty pleas. This crime is clearly on the custody threshold in my view. Based on what I have heard and read you should expect a prison sentence,” he told Pereira. However, recently, all that is known is that he has been convicted of the offense and has no chance of returning to India until the final decision on July 11th. In the final session, it will be uncovered whether or not Francisco would be sentenced.

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