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Drishti Marine Launches Safety Initiatives to Ensure Beach Safety

Drishti Marine, a lifeguard agency in the coastal state of Goa, has started a number of safety programmes targeted at enhancing beach safety in the
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Drishti Marine Launches Safety Initiatives
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Drishti Marine, a lifeguard agency in the coastal state of Goa, has started a number of safety programmes targeted at enhancing beach safety in the area. The plans include ringing off high-risk locations, installing AI systems to monitor the beaches, and raising knowledge of appropriate swimming techniques.

In response to the tragic deaths of four persons at Keri Beach in an area that has been declared a “No Selfie Zone,” the measures are being implemented in conjunction with the state administration. Drishti Marine is working to improve its AI system and build a squad of trained dogs to assist lifesavers in rescue and beach safety operations, in addition to shutting risk-prone areas and executing the “Swim With Lifesavers” project.

At a special event in April 2023, Rohan Khaunte, the tourism minister and Porvorim MLA, announced the additional safety measures at Candolim Beach. The precautions are intended to prevent further incidents and make sure that the safety measures do not interfere with the local fishing communities.

Drishti Marine introduced the “Swim With Lifesavers” campaign in Goa in March 2021. The campaign strives to raise awareness, share knowledge, and offer helpful tips for swimming in the ocean while encouraging people to appreciate the water in order to understand it better. The 60-minute activity includes a supervised swim lesson and aims to raise knowledge of lifeguard courtesy and water safety.

Drishti Marine is also wrapping up work on its two AI platforms, Triton and Aurus, which use cutting-edge technology to help lifeguards maintain beach safety. The AI-powered surveillance system Triton and the self-driving robot Aurus will improve lifesaving skills on Goa’s beaches. To assist on-call lifesavers in responding more quickly, both technologies can monitor the environment, evaluate dangers, and transmit real-time information.

A team of lifeguard dogs is being trained by Drishti Marine in preparation for deployment on Goa’s popular beaches. The eleven-dog squad is being trained to recognise and save people in danger, conduct search and rescue operations in rough terrain, and find missing children. Dog trainer Arjun Shawn Moitra is responsible for the “Paw Squad.”

They put the dogs through agility drills as part of their rigorous outdoor training, which also includes swimming pool sessions to help them become used to the water.

According to Navin Awasthi, manager of Drishti Marine Operations, “the vast expanses of the beach can be effectively monitored by this AI-powered monitoring system while the human resources, the lifesavers, can focus more effectively on the swim zones and save people’s lives.”

2008 saw the start of Drishti Marine’s operations in Goa. In 2007, there were 200 drowning instances, which prompted the state government to put together an effective system and take urgent action. The service has greatly enhanced the travel experience in Goa and resulted in a 99% decrease in drowning-related deaths. Since then, more than 6,000 lives have been saved.

In conclusion, Drishti Marine’s actions are designed to improve beach safety in Goa and avert future mishaps. The organization intends to make sure that tourists may safely enjoy the area’s natural beauty by restricting risk-prone locations, implementing AI systems, and raising awareness about safe swimming techniques.

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