Corjuem Fort

This fort is situated 4km North of Pomburpa, alongside the Mapusa river near the village of Aldona. It was built in 1705 by the Portuguese. Built in 1705, the fort has a rather interesting story set in it. One Ursula e Lancastre, an ambitious Portuguese woman determined to succeed in a man’s world, dressed like one and travelled the world. Eventually landing up here as a soldier. Finally, her secret was discovered when she was captured and stripped. But the woman was in a different league – she ended up marrying the captain of the guard. The original occupiers of this Fort were the Bhonsles from the Sawantwadi State. Under the Portuguese Viceroy Caetano de Mello e Castro, the control of the fort came under Portuguese India’s administration. The fort was subsequently rebuilt by the Portuguese to boost up defenses along Panajim. In the early 1800s, the fort was used as a Military School and had in its defenses a battery of four guns. The fortress defended the town of Corjuem and also had a chapel under parochial church of Aldona.

According to late Father Moreno de Souza the islands name originates from Khor as in khorik which means deep or lower and Zunvem which means island. The fort is a relatively small fort and is square shaped. The walls are wide and have numerous gun ports and murder holes. At each corner of the fort is a ramp like stair that leads to the ramparts. The fort has a well and a three room living quarters. Within the fort is also located a small chapel which seems to be a relatively new addition.

Corjuem Fort 1

This fort protected the Portuguese from the Marathas, Bhonsles and the Rane Rajputs in the nineteenth century. The chapel of St. Anthony was earlier known to have been in the Corjuem Fort. The fort has the distinction of being one of the only two inland that are surviving. The fort has become popular for its beauty and the fort is surrounded by lush greenery and one can get a full view of beautiful villages and islands nearby. The fort is built out of pitted laterite stones. Corjuem is well connected with Aldona by a cable suspension bridge which is a major source of attraction as it is the only suspension bridge in Goa.


Corjuem Fort is also known as Khorjuem Fort. It is smaller than the other forts in Goa, but it gives a good view of the surrounding river and land.

One can even reach this fort from Panjim to Aldona via  Mapusa or even from Panjim to Chodan via ferry an then to Corjuem. Corjuem Fort is 12 kilometres from Panjim.

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