Classmates Gang-Raped 16-year-old Girl on Friends Birthday Party

Trusting the children with strangers was always the risk, but now trusting them in the hands of friends is also become risky business. This is applicable especially to the Girls. There are several cases of sexual assault on young girls by their own teachers or relatives whom the parents trust the most. But now it going from bad to worst. The case of gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl by her own classmates (both are minors) at the friends birthday party has come out as the shocker to the parents.

According to the sources, a 16-year-old girl was gang-raped by her own classmates at the birthday party of a common friend. This horrifying incident took place at Uttam Nagar in Delhi. The sources have also revealed that the girl was attending the birthday party of one of her friend who was also the common friend of the accused.

In her complaint, the girl has alleged that she was forced to drink the spiked beverages and when she passed out the friend forced himself on her. The police sources stated that the girl was raped by two classmates after giving her the spiked drink. “This incident has occurred at South Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area on Wednesday night,” the police officer told the media.

In her statement to the police, the victim girl has revealed that she was invited by one of her friends to the birthday party and when she reached there he forced her to drink with him. Later he called another friend of him to join them. The girl further narrated that, when she passed out, the friend who made her drink with him forced himself on her and later he called another friend to join him. “Later on they dragged me dumped me on the roadside,” she told the police.

The further police inquiry revealed some more shocking facts related to this case. According to the police, the girl was invited by the friend to join him for the birthday party on a Wednesday morning and hence instead of going to the school she went directly to the party spot. “She left her house at 7 am in the morning saying that she is going to school but instead went for a pre-decided birthday party,” said the police officers adding that “The girl was later allegedly been forced by the boy to consume drink through the morning till she passed out. When she passed out the accused youths allegedly locked her inside the room and raped her in turns”.


According to the statement given by the girl to police, her ordeal continued through the evening after which the youths dragged her out of the house and dumped her on the roadside. She managed to borrow a mobile phone from a passerby and call her parents. In the meantime, the girl’s parents had started looking for her in the locality and even approached the police. She was rescued from the colony where they had left her and admitted to a hospital where doctors confirmed a rape.

While being counseled, the girl narrated her ordeal to the police, following which a team was formed to trace down her classmates. The two youths, both minors, were detained from their houses. They were sent for counseling at a juvenile justice home. A case under section 376 D (gang rape) has been registered against the youths.

Although this story does not belong to Goa but perhaps such situation can occur with anybody and for that matter in any states of India. The precaution is always better than cure and hence it is advisable to exercise your prudence in every case and share this story with others to help them.


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