The Bubble Lake

Goa is known for its profusion of natural resources, tourist comes to Goa getting attracted to its natural beauty and many of them fall in love with it forever. Our idea in this section of “Places of the Interest” is to take its readers to such places which are full of natural enchanted and we have been successful in or mission by giving details such new places in some of our earlier issue in this column. This time we have brought to you the place which is the mix of scenic beauty and natural mystic.

Budbude or Budbud or Budbudyachi Tali many names but once place and this is our new discovery for our reader this time. This magnificent place is situated in the tranquility of Goan village known as Netravali in Sanguem district. This place is around 80 Kilometer from Panaji Via Margao and 50 kilometer. There is no particular time to visit this place but it is better while it’s not raining. The name Budbud is derived from the constant bubble coming out from the bottom of lake to the surface of water. There are various legends about this some people feel it’s the miracle of the local deity but it could be also due to the moss growing inside the lake however according to scientist the bubbles could be caused by gas emission of Sulpher Dioxide, Carbon dioxide, lime stone or methane but the actual reason is not yet known by anybody.


The bubbles at the Budbudyachi Tali are known to strangely increase in intensity if one claps loudly it rather seems responds to the noise made near it. The tank in form of laterite masonry has a flight of steps all around leading to the sacred tank. A huge box-shaped laterite pedestal is located at the center of the tank.

The temple of Lord Gopinath situated near the lake is also the main reason for this place to have sacred value though the original idol once present in this temple somewhere in 14th Century AD is now preserved in the Goa state Museum at Patto, Panaji. This idol portrays the image of Lord Krishna playing flute under the “kalpavruksha”, presently the image at the temple is the new one.

Overall the whole place is very peaceful and divine in countryside so while you are in Goa you can visit the Budbud Lake and also take the blessings from Lord Gopinath.

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