BJP warned Congress to stop playing the politics over Kashmir issue

The Kashmir matter has become the major issue of politics in the country. Bharatiya Janata Party has warned the Congress party on Tuesday to stop playing politics over the Kashmir issue since it is the fight between India and the separatists and the same should not be painted into “Hindu-Mulsim-color”. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news reported by ANI news agency India, the BJP has made it clear that Congress should refrain from coloring every issue with the politics. According to BJP the Kashmir issue, a fight between India and separatists and making the issue of Hindu and Muslim out of it will only degrade the political qualities of a particular party.

“Our government has got the Kashmir ‘problem’ in legacy, and the government honestly wants its solution for lasting peace and tranquility. The way Kashmiri youth are being misguided and the way the Congress has been doing politics over it for the past 68 years, we will request to Ghulam Nabi Azad and the Congress not to play politics over Kashmir,” BJP national secretary Shrikant Sharma told ANI.

According to Sharma, this is the fight between Separatists and India and the same should not be used to gain any political mileage. “In Kashmir, the fight is in between India and the separatists, and they should not try to make it a fight between Hindu and Muslim. We condemn Azad’s statement in the Rajya Sabah, where he was trying to give it a Hindu-Muslim twist. The Congress must take a lesson from the past and stop doing politics over Kashmir. If anybody tries to play with the national security, our government will deal with him sternly,” he added.

This reaction of BJP leader came in the backdrop of Gulab Nabi Azad’s statement over the issue of Kashmir. According to the sources, Leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha Gulam Nabi Azad had blamed the PDP-BJP coalition government for contributing towards the present situation in Kashmir. “BJP was a misfit and would take ages to create its space in the sensitive area,” he added.


When media asked Sharma about Pakistan observing “Black Day” on July 20 “in protest against the killings of Kashmiris”, Sharma said, “Pakistan should observe ‘black day’ as it is using barbaric forces in the occupied Kashmir to kill innocent people and for the situation, it has created in Baluchistan.” He also warned Pakistan to take a lesson from the past and stay within its limits, while warning that if it looked at Jammu and Kashmir with an ulterior motive, Pakistan would have to face serious consequences.

“Pakistan should concentrate on its internal problems like poverty, unemployment, and nexus between the terrorist and the military. And, if Pakistan tries to look at Kashmir and India with some ulterior motive, India will respond suitably,” he added.

After asking its citizen to observe ‘Black Day’ on July 19, the Pakistan Government realized that July 19 is observed as ‘Accession to Pakistan Day” purportedly by Kashmiris, and announced to observe ‘Black Day’ on July 20.

Reacting to Karnataka minister K.J. George’s resignation after a court ordered registration of a case against him and other accused in connection with the suicide of Mangaluru Deputy Superintendent of Police M.K. Ganapathi in Coorg recently, Sharma said, “It is the height of insensitivity. Rahul Gandhi had visited (Hyderabad) twice for Rohith Vemula, but he did not go to Kerala where a Dalit was raped. And, in Karnataka, one of his ministers forced an officer to commit suicide, but he did not issue even a statement. “His decision to resign came after tremendous pressure. We demand registration of a FIR against him and handing over the case to the CBI,” he added.

Source: ANI


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