Bird Flu Scare Grips The Country; Goa Still Remains Safe

Bird Flue
Man Spraying Antiviral Medication IN Poultry Farm

When the country is just coming out of the Covid scare, the Bird Flue has started creating havoc across the country with some of the major states in the country facing the challenge of the bird flue. Goa still remains unaffected…

According to the reports, Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant has issued instructions to the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services to follow the guidelines issued by the Union Ministry over the Bird Flue. 

Meanwhile, despite a warning for bird flu in other states, the supply of chickens to Goa remained unaffected as of Wednesday. Officers from the department said the state veterinary epidemiologist has taken up the matter with its investigation units. 

The traders and suppliers of livestock in Goa are presently contented with the supply of the Chickens however according to them they are not sure about the coming days how things will start moving in the coming days owing to the disease.    

According to the vendor, we need to worry about the coronavirus at the moment instead of bird flu since this is not the first time Bird Flue appeared in the country but to date, there is no single cause of known casualty in Goa. 

“Any viruses cannot survive a temperature of 70 degrees celsius and we cook food at a temperature higher than that. There have been many episodes of bird flu in India, but to date, there has not been a single known casualty in Goa. We have to worry more about the coronavirus rather than bird flu,” said a chicken seller from Panaji, Alfredo Dias. 

Meanwhile, the prices of chicken and eggs remained unaffected in the state since there are no cases of Bird Flu in the neighboring states from where Goa gets most of the suppers of the livestock. 

“The retail rate will be Rs 139 for live broilers and Rs 159 for dressed broilers. Eggs will be sold at Rs 66 per dozen,” vendors said. 

“So far, my supply of chickens from Maharashtra remained unaffected. The suppliers are able to deliver the birds in the usual numbers without any issue,” Rixon Fernandes, a trader from Siolim said. 

Mr. Prashant Naik who runs Royal chicken, sourcing the birds from their own poultry has proved to be beneficial even in the past when the outbreak affected supply. 

“We have our own bird production in Goa. Whatever we sell are our own chickens. So far, none of the birds have shown any signs of the disease,” Naik said.

(with the inputs from TOI) 

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