What Prompted the 35-Year-Old British Woman commit Suicide in Goa?

Julie Warner became increasingly frustrated with the never-ending case in India that finally prompted her to take such drastic step (Image Source: The Sun)

If you recall the recent case of suicide that came into light when Calangute police found the body of a 35-Year-Old British Woman hanging from the tree at Candolim in north Goa on the last Saturday. The police had registered the case as unnatural death, stating that the lady supposed to have committed suicide by hanging herself to a tree. The recent report published by the Sun has confirmed the same and shocking reason behind her death.

According to the recent reports published by The Sun, deceased brit woman was stranded in India for two years serving jail term following her arrest in Mumbai International Airport in March 2017 for allegedly helping four Sri Lankan nationals to illegally fly into the UK, using their identities.

Julie Warner, a British woman, 40 years of age was found hanging from a tree in Calangute, Goa on September 28th. She was held in an Indian jail for two years after she was accused of human trafficking and hanged herself just six months after being released.

In March 2017, Warner was arrested along with four other British Nationals, at Mumbai International Airport, after allegedly helping four Sri Lankan nationals to illegally fly into UK, using their identities. After her arrest, Julie was placed in Byculla Women’s Jail and on her release was told that she must remain in the country until the on-going trial was completed.

According to reports Julie moved to Goa after being released on bail (source)

Julie was a mother of four and one of her daughters said that she became increasingly frustrated with the never-ending case. Her daughter mentioned on social media, that her mother was living in India for the past two years and had become homeless after experiencing some tough situations.

“She was alone in a foreign country with nowhere to go no one to turn to and no way of returning home to the UK. I sadly lost my mum due to her suffering from severe mental illness.”

Police Inspector Santosh Dessai who is handling the case stated that initially, the officers could not identify Warner as she had no identification papers on her. Dessai said that it was only after the news spread in the local media, one of her friends come forward and identified the deceased as Julie Warner from Leeds in England.

He further added that they had informed the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Panjim, the British Embassy and the victim’s family. “It appears to be a case of suicide but further investigation is underway,” Dessai said.

An autopsy report later registered the cause of the death as asphyxia and cerebral venous congestion as a result of hanging by ligature.

Julie’s sister Joanne Warner said: “My sister tragically took her own life. This is the reality of mental health.

Now Julie’s family has launched a fundraiser to help them to cover the costs of travelling to Goa and taking her body home to the UK.

Joanne said that Julie’s only family was her daughter and herself and given that both their parents had passed away there was no one they could turn to help for.

Joanne said, “This will be the best way possible to at least show her she was loved even though she couldn’t see it.”

According to sources, Julie was depressed that the 2017 trial was moving at a snail’s pace and was desperate to return home to the UK as soon as it was over.

Along with Warner, three other British Nationals, Captain Fivehats, Dominic Oliver Bower and Stuart Alan Quilliam — were arrested at the international airport.

The Sri Lankan nationals- Arunasalam Suthakaran, Kannathsan Karththeepan, Gajan Chandrabalan, and Kaveenthini Kandasamy- were arrested by Bureau of Immigration.

Sources further stated that Julie moved to Goa after she was released on bail and found shelter at an NGO in Andhra Pradesh.

Her desperation and severe mental illness is what led her to commit suicide.

Source: The Sun 

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