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New Twist In Siddhi Naik Drowning Case: Father Accuses Police of Improper Investigation

With a new twist in Siddhi Naik drowning case on Thursday, her father accused the police of an improper investigation even after the numerous clues
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Twist to Siddhi Naik Drowning Case
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Victim’s father said that despite providing them with all the clues about his daughter’s death, the police are not investigating this case as thoroughly as they should have from the beginning. He further added that he is visiting the Goa police station almost every day to help them in the investigation. He even went to the Baga-Calangute coastal areas to help the police find clues.

Saddened by the unnatural death of his daughter, he further urged the political leaders along with the commoners not to take political advantage of this unfortunate incident.

Meanwhile, Bailancho Ekvott, President Auda Veigas has written to CM Pramod Sawant about how heartbroken the citizens were Goan citizens over Sidhi’s death and asked for justice for her unnatural death. She also demanded a special police force to have a thorough further investigation.

On the other hand, the MLA of Curtorim Alex Reginald demanded answers from the government and Police for the delay in getting justice for the victim’s family.

Reginald said, “The investigation in the said case is directionless because our Goa Police has committed a huge blunder by already claiming it as an unnatural death”. He has now demanded a proper and professional investigation. 

He further added, “This case should be supervised by a court, or a judicial inquiry because the cop’s suggestions were biased. Within two hours after the body was found near the beach, the cops were already trying to divert the matter and were making it into a suicide case.” alleged Reginald.

“The Cops gave a verdict of this being a drowning and a suicide case without even investigating the victim’s phone records. Why were the phone records not investigated? Similarly, before announcing it was suicide did the cops investigate why and how the body had no clothes on her?” questioned Reginald.

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