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Those Who do Not Follow Home Quarantine Rules Will be Penalised, Says Kerala CM

Over 30 thousand Covid-19 cases has been reported in Kerala on a daily basis due to which the Kerala CM had imposed the restrictions.
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Coronavirus Home Quarantine
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Cases have been on the rise in Kerala and the situation might go out of hands like the second wave or maybe worse, if not controlled immediately. Some people in the state are still taking the virus lightly and not considering it a pandemic. 

Covid-19 protocols have been imposed in the state but there are still many people who are observed to not be following the quarantine rules. In response to this, the CM of Kerala,  Pinarayi Vijayan Has urged everyone that if protocols are not followed strictly then a fine will be levied and immediate action would be taken against these people. 

Almost 30,000 covid-19 cases have been recorded daily for the past couple of days. Even after that, CM was against a complete lockdown in the state saying it will affect the economy and livelihood severely.

After a meeting of representatives of three-tier local bodies, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said local level vigilance is the most important factor. “Those who are under quarantine should not venture out. If they venture out, a penalty would be slapped on them. Local self-governing bodies should take steps to quarantine such persons under their own expenses,” he said.

The chief minister also cleared that if anyone comes in contact with a person who has been tested covid positive, then he/she should be kept under observation and asked the local self-government bodies, leaders, and officials to work together as they had done during the initial waves of the pandemic.

“We have already given the first dose of vaccine to 74 per cent of the people and second dose to 27 per cent of the population. All health workers and frontline workers have been administered with the first dose of vaccine and 86 per cent of them received the second jab,” he said.

“Those who do not have facilities at their residence, should move to Covid first-line treatment centres (CFLTCs),” Vijayan said.

The Government Order has directed the Rapid Response Teams, ward-level committees, neighbourhood clusters and the officials concerned of the Police, Revenue, Health and  Local self-government departments to ensure that the COVID-19 safety protocols are strictly followed by everyone in Kerala.

Following that, the government has also implemented that agencies would be assigned who would be helping in providing home delivery of essentials to people who are in quarantine if they face any kind of difficulties. 

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