Serious Accident – School Picnic Bus carrying 65 students overturned at Curchorem


In one of the most serious accidents that took place in Curchorem, around 50 km from the Capital city resulting in injuries to 65 students traveling in the ill-fated bus. The accident took place in the afternoon on Thursday while the ill-fated bus was on its way towards Salaulim dam, Curchorem in South Goa. The Bus said to have overturned on the Shelvon slope due to sudden tyre rupture.

According to the sources, the school picnic bus of St. Anne School – Thivim was on its way to Curchorem along with 65 students and few teachers to visit the Salaulim dam. But while it reached Shelvon slope in Curchorem one of the tyres of the bus suddenly got rapture and bus turned turtle on the slope.

More information not yet available, but according to the available sources, the accident was very serious and 26 students out of 65 have been admitted into Curchorem PHC along with three teachers who got injured in this accident.


The sudden rupture of the tyre is a clear indication of the low maintenance of the buses in the state which is a very serious issue in itself. This is not the first case, several ancients took place in the past due to similar reasons. There is no authority that can handle such types cases in the state. The RTO authorities need to enforce the regulations strictly on such buses to avoid future accidents. 



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