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Searching These Things Online May Land You in Jail

Going to jail for searching on Google, sounds weird right? But it is true, there are limits on what you search online and you have

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Searching These Things Online May Land You in Jail
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Going to jail for searching on Google, sounds weird right? But it is true, there are limits on what you search online and you have been constantly monitored and hence if you ever tried to search these things on the google search engine then you must stop right away, cause it may land you in the prison. 

Google, one of the most used search engines has made everyone’s life easier. From searching things of the ancient world till the last minute world update, Google has it all. People of all ages use this app and it has made life convenient and easier, though the search results can’t always be trusted. 

However, with some searches, one can go to jail now. To avoid so, here the things you shouldn’t search for on google: 

How To Make The Bomb?

Don’t search for a method of how to make the bomb on google since this could land you in jail for the very obvious reason that it is illegal and considered to be terrorist activity.

All devices have something called an IP address which can locate the device’s location. When one searches for something like building a bomb their IP address is sent to authorities and they can arrest you for the search. 

Health-Related Medicine Searches

This is the first thing everybody does after they show certain symptoms. However, searching for the meaning of symptoms isn’t a crime but taking medicines advised by Google can be an issue. 

There is no guarantee of whether the medicine is helpful for the symptoms or disease or if it harms your body further. Avoid taking prescriptions from the internet, visit a doctor instead. 

Your Email ID on Google Search

Searching for one’s own email id on the search engine can lead to hacking. It can lead to the leaking of your password. Your email could be joined into a scam operation for which you could be found guilty, even if you didn’t participate. 

Mobile Apps Download on Google

In the process to find apps that aren’t available on the device store, one ends up searching for them on the internet. However, this often leads to downloading fake apps that can hack into your phone’s details and can gather sensitive information such as credit card details, pictures, emails, etc. It could lead to identity theft as well. It’s always better to download for the certified app store, Apple or Google, to avoid such mishaps. 

Customer Care Numbers

Google is the base search engine that we use to find customer care numbers. However, there is a lot of fake number on the internet which inadvertently send in your number to hackers who can then commit fraud and cybercrime. SIMs could be duplicated, viruses installed. Thus it’s always better to go to the official site for customer care numbers. 

To avoid getting into trouble and to avoid cybercrime, maintain your searches on the search engines, and be careful with where you take your information from. 

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