Double Murder At Siolim – 29-Year-Old Lady Eliminates Husband’s Aunts With The Help Of Supari Killer

Double Murder At Siolim

In one of the most shocking incidents that came into the light on Monday in Goa, a 29-year-old lady murdered two of her Husband’s Aunts with the help of a Supari Killer from Karnataka. 

According to the sources in Siolim Police station, Marta Marta Clementine Lobo (64) and Vera Lobo(62) were found dead at their residence situated in the Siolim in North Goa. 

The news came into the light in the wee hours of Monday and Siolim Police swung into action and after the initial investigation police arrested the 29-year-old Rovina Lobo, 29. 

According to the Siolim Police, the accused had hired a 28-year-old Supari Killer Subhan Rajyaballi, a resident of Karnataka to eliminate her Husband aunts. Though the incident came to light on Monday it took place on Sunday evening. 

Rovina and her accomplice, Subhan Rajyaballi, were arrested in the wee hours of Monday morning by the Police after Julio(32) complained to the police. Julio who was out of the house at the time of the murder was brought up under the care of his now-deceased aunts, Marta and Vera. 


Both the aunts were spinsters and Rovina was married to Julio. Reports state that Rovina didn’t have good relations with the aunts and allegations of her aunt’s harassing her led her to plan the murder. 

Julio’s parents also reside in Siolim, North Goa, in the same village as the family. “Rovina hired Subhan Rajyaballi (to commit the murder) as both the aunts were not on good terms with her for a long time. They committed the murder with sharp weapons,” Anjuna Police inspector Suraj Gawas, said. The weapons used were a pedestal fan with which the duo was battered and then struck with a koita (billhook) until they passed away. 

Rovina and Julio have two children, a seven-year-old daughter, and a one-year-old son. The elder daughter witnessed the murder and reported it to her father when he returned home, which was then reported to the police by Julio. 

Both the murderers left the crime scene taking along the one-year-old son, leaving the daughter behind, before they were apprehended by the police. 

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