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Preserving the Past: Corjuem Fort Emerges as a Beacon of Heritage Tourism

Corjuem Fort set to shine as a heritage tourism destination in Goa with annual festival and promotion plans, highlighted by MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira
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Corjuem Fort
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MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira spoke about the importance of promoting heritage tourism in Goa. He said that the Corjuem Fort will be promoted and various events including an annual Corjuem festival will be held at the fort. He spoke about the importance of heritage tourism during an inspection of the fort along with Subash Phal Dessai, minister for archives and archaeology, and other department officials. 

“Goa is not only about sand and sea, there is beauty around the state as well. We talk about heritage tourism that includes forts and old houses and Goa’s ancient history. That is the Goa that is required to be portrayed which was thus far kept in the background. We want to have an annual Corjuem festival at the fort. It will allow our locals to come here and a chance for stage artists to perform. We want to protect our rural areas and boost the local economy so that we can generate some revenue that is needed. People will come in large numbers, they want to see such things,” he said.

The Fort

The Corjuem Fort was originally the property of the Bhonsle rulers of Sawntwadi and was built in 1550. The fort was annexed by the Portuguese in the time of Viceroy Caetano  De Mello e Castro as a part of the Portuguese administration of Goa. The fort was declared a protected monument under the Goa, Daman and Diu Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act of 1978. The Corjuem Fort is one of the only two pitted laterite inland forts that is still surviving. In the early 1800s, the fort was used as a Military School. It had a battery of four guns for defense. Although smaller than the other forts in Goa, the Corjuem Fort had great strategic importance in defense against the Maratha invasion.

The Fort today

The fort has lost its strategic importance over the years. The fort is in reasonably good condition despite being weathered and affected by the elements. The fort provides stunning views of the countryside thanks to its vantage points on the hills. The fort is a popular spot among tourists, history, and architectural buffs alike.

Aldona MLA, Carlos Alvares Ferreira said that the Corjuem Fort will be promoted as a part of heritage tourism. He also said that they plan to promote and hold various events in the fort like the annual Corjuem festival. Promoting heritage tourism attracts more tourists, and history and archaeologically inclined people. It will also help spread awareness among the locals and bring employment opportunities for the locals.

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