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Government Signs MOU with Temple Connect to Boost Spiritual Tourism in Goa

Goa Government has signed an MOU with Temple Connect, an organization devoted to the Revival & Development of the Temple Ecosystem, to promote Goa as
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Spiritual Tourism in Goa
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The State Government of Goa has inked an MOU with Temple Connect, an organization devoted to the Revival & Development of the Temple Ecosystem, to promote Goa as “Dakshin Kashi” and promote spiritual tourism in Goa. Today’s MOU was signed in the company of the Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant, the Director of the Department of Tourism Sunil Anchipaka, and the founder of Temple Connect Girish Kulkarni.

With the signing of this MOU, the state’s Spiritual Tourism, which is focused on the revitalization and expansion of the Temple Ecosystem, will soar. By connecting our temples to a global circuit and exposing the spiritual and cultural heritage of Goa to a worldwide audience, this MOU will increase the tourism potential, rding to tourism minister Rohan Khaunte.With the help of this MOU, the temple ecosystem will be strengthened, and the world will be made aware of Goa’s treasure, also known as Bhagwan Parshuram Bhoomi. The first-of-its-kind MOU will aid in the distribution, digitalization, and recording of material about Temple Awareness, Goa’s culture, its legacy, etc.

The MOU will improve accessibility to Goa’s temples and connections, with an emphasis on spiritual tourism and a desire to highlight Goa’s significance in terms of devotion. With 57 additional sites throughout the world and a tight relationship with the temple in India, Temple Connect is one of the most well-known networks of temples operating in the spiritual environment. The MOU will aid in furthering the promotion of temples in the state to improve pilgrim experiences and raise the standard of convenience-based tourism.

By working together on an MOU with the temples, we can promote Goa’s temple tourism circuits and make them more in line with the National Spiritual Corridor. The slogan “Revive, Reconnect, Reach” will connect temples to their followers and enable the smooth transmission of local culture, rituals, celebrations, and core values.  For temple priests, tour guides, and other relevant staff members, it will provide specialized training programs and seminars emphasizing improving hospitality, communication skills, and cultural preservation.

This MOU will assist in coordinating efforts to highlight the significant spiritual and cultural history of Goa’s temples, utilizing a variety of marketing methods and platforms to reach a wider audience and encourage responsible travel.

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