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GITM 2024: Goa Tourism Future Shaped by Insightful Discussions

Explore the key takeaways from GITM 2024, where stakeholders gathered to discuss Goa's tourism future. Discover innovative strategies, economic prospects, and sustainable growth initiatives.
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GITM 2024
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The conclusion of GITM 2024 marked a pivotal moment in the discourse surrounding the future of tourism in Goa, as stakeholders engaged in robust deliberations and constructive dialogues aimed at elevating the state’s status as a premier destination.

On the second day of the event, esteemed panellists including G B Srithar, Carl Vaz, Jack Ajit Sukhija, and Ajay Prakash, among others, convened for insightful discussions. Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director Tourism & Managing Director GTDC, lauded the event’s role in fostering innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. He expressed optimism for the future of Goa’s tourism industry, buoyed by the enthusiasm and momentum generated at GITM.

Key panel discussions delved into innovative strategies for branding and promoting tourism in Goa on a global scale. Emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive branding strategy, experts highlighted the need to attract conscientious travelers and foster sustainable growth.

Another session explored Goa’s potential as a high-yield destination, emphasizing its ability to offer economic returns and cultural dividends. Insights were shared on leveraging Goa’s natural beauty and capitalizing on emerging travel trends to attract discerning travelers.

Furthermore, discussions centered on the development of skills within the tourism sector in Goa. Experts underscored the importance of workforce training and capacity building to ensure long-term sustainability and excellence in service delivery.

The event witnessed the convergence of over 500 buyers and 300 sellers, facilitating fruitful discussions and negotiations. With over 3000 meetings held, the event showcased promising business prospects estimated at over 10 million Dollars, highlighting its significance in driving economic growth within the tourism sector.

As GITM 2024 drew to a close, attendees departed with renewed enthusiasm and determination to propel Goa’s tourism industry to greater heights. Armed with innovative ideas and promising collaborations, stakeholders remain committed to sustainability, inclusivity, and excellence, positioning Goa as a prominent player on the global tourism stage.

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