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NCB Busted an International Drug Cartel operating in Arambol Goa

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has busted a drug cartel that has been operating in Arambol, North Goa for a long time. They have arrested
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Russian Held in Drug Case
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The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has busted a drug cartel that has been operating in Arambol, North Goa for a long time. They have arrested a Russian Olympics Silver Medalist and a Russian police officer who were both involved in the drug trade. Arambol is known as one of the major drug hubs in Goa and this is one of the largest raids conducted by the NCB.

Based on a report published by the Times of India, it has been revealed that among the three individuals apprehended in a drug trafficking case recently uncovered by the NCB is Russian Olympic silver medallist Svetlana Varganov. Another person arrested is believed to be a former Russian police officer who was involved in operating the drug cartel in Goa. The NCB conducted the raid on Saturday.

Svetlana Varganova, one of the three accused, is a former Russian swimmer who won a gold medal at the 1980 Olympics and currently resides in Goa. As per the sources from the Goa Police, she was found to be involved in drug peddling among foreign tourists in Goa. On April 13, Varganova was intercepted at Arambol and 2.5gm of charas, 2gm of methamphetamine, and 0.3gm of ecstasy were seized from her, according to Amit Ghawate, the zonal director of NCB Mumbai.

According to Ghawate, Varganova’s fellow citizen, Andre, is a former police officer who has turned into a drug cartel leader and has been living in Goa for a considerable period of time. He is suspected of having travelled to various cities to expand his drug network and was directly responsible for managing a vast network of street peddlers.

After further investigation, the NCB discovered the involvement of a local individual named Akash, who was identified as a member of a larger drug network and was operating under the direction of a Russian individual believed to be a key figure in the drug cartel.

“Discreet surveillance was mounted upon Akash immediately. He was apprehended at Arambol on Friday and nine LSD blots, 30g of hashish, one MDMA tablet and Rs 28,000 as proceeds of sales were seized,” Ghawate said.

On the same day, surveillance was also conducted in and around Mandrem, which resulted in the arrest of Andre on Saturday. He was found to be in possession of 20 LSD blots, and it was discovered that he was growing hydroponic weed at his residence. Three pots of weed were seized by the authorities.

“The total drug seizure comprises 88 blots of LSD, 8.8g of cocaine, 242.5g of charas, 1.4kg of hydroponic weed, 16.5g of hash oil, 410g of hash cake, 2g of methamphetamine, and one tablet and 0.3g of MDMA. Apart from this, cash of $1,829 and 1,720 Thai baht was also seized,” Ghawate said.

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