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Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant Vows Accountability for Rental Car Accidents

Goa's Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is taking a stand to ensure the safety of residents and tourists by holding rental car owners accountable for accidents.
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Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant
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Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has stated that owners of rental cars will be held accountable if drivers or passengers in the cars are involved in fatal accidents. Sawant stated on Monday that “accidents linked to rented vehicles are rising in Goa.” “Goans’ safety comes before the careless enjoyment of those who rent cars in the state.”

To address the issue, the chief minister has asked for strict restrictions as well as coordinated efforts between the departments of tourism and transportation.

He emphasized that individuals who disobey state transportation regulations should be imbued with a feeling of accountability by the regional transport office (RTO) and traffic officials. Sawant continued by emphasizing his severe warning: if a rent-a-bike rider or driver is engaged in an accident that results in fatalities, both the operator and the driver will be held legally responsible.

These claims follow the release of widely shared movies purporting to show Goan visitors driving their rental cars carelessly across fields, breaking crops. “We will not allow drunken driving, rash driving, speeding, and similar irresponsible behaviors in Goa,” Sawant responded.

To curb such incidents, he urged rent-a-bike and rent-a-car operators to diligently verify the licenses and documents of their clients before renting vehicles. “Reckless behaviors and evading accountability will not be tolerated,” he said. He urged police to take stern action against the violators, many of whom are tourists.

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