ISL forced out former FC Goa owners to make transfer of ownership smooth claims reports

The most shocking revelations that have been made by the sources according which the former co-owners of FC Goa, Srinivas Dempo, and Dattaraj Salgaonkar were forced by the ISL to make the transfer of ownership FC Goa to casino head honcho. According to the sources, the new owner Jaydev Mody was contacted by ISL to take over the FC Goa and when media inquired about the same Mr. Mody had nodded positively to it. How ISL forced the Goan owners out and what pressure tactics did they used? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]The FC Goa controversy which started with the detention of Manchester marquee player Elano has finally culminated into the transfer of ownership of the Goan Football League to the new owner. The source claims that the transfer of ownership was forced by ISL on to the former owners. According to the sources, ISL made it sure that the former owners give up their rights in FC Goa. “Mr. Dempo and Salgaonkar were forced out. They were not willing to give up the team they loved so much and nurtured it so well,” said the sources close to the duo.

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The story did not end here. According to the sources, the former owners were not given an opportunity even to choose the new owners for their team. “They were not even allowed to voice their opinion about the new owners for their team. ISL struck the deal with casino head honcho Jaydev Mody and compelled Dempo & Salgaocar to sell their stakes to the Delta Corp chairman,” claimed the sources. The new owner Mr. Jaydev Mody supported the claim saying that “ISL approached me to take over the responsibility. The old owners went to ISL and ISL came to me”, Mody told media on Thursday in a press conference.

The voice against the new ownership was also raised in the Goa Assembly on Thursday. The GVP MLA Francisco Pacheco made a claim that the Goan should be given at least 25% stake in the FC Goa and if that is allowed he himself is ready to buy 25% stake and become the new co-owner. “I came to know that FC Goa has been taken over by some casino tycoon and I called Mody asking him if he has any shares to give to Goenkar. Do you have any shares? Give at least 25% to me. ISL has total eight teams out of which the Ambani Family owns around 5, it is all game fixing. The Goa government should intervene and ask them to give 25% to Goan and Mickky Pacheco is ready to invest into it,” claimed Mr. Pacheco on the floor.  Mr. Digamber Kamat, Congress Legislature supported the claim of Pacheco and voiced his vote in the favour of Pacheco on the floor of the house.


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According to the statement made by Mr. Jaydev Mody in the press conference here on Thursday, he came to know about the possibility of change in ownership and he took the available opportunity. “After I learned that the old owners decided to exit the FC Goa and ‘It was an opportunity that was offered to me’ I got very excited and I accepted it. It was a very smooth takeover, they are my friends,” said Mr. Mody. According to Mr. Mody, this opportunity came to him two months ago. “It suddenly gained momentum and came to us,” he added.

Mr. Modi also said that he was contacted by the ISL “Well they (co-owners) went to ISL but it wasn’t just one person who walked into my office and said would you like to take over. It was a series of events that resulted in the takeover,” said Mr. Mody.

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Goans are not happy about the entire thing there are reactions on the social media about the transfer of ownership to Casino owner. But now it is too late that the ownership has already been transferred and the news owner is gearing up for the next ISL matches. The entry of Mr. Zeco is the proof of that. If you wish to leave your valuable comments please go ahead.

Source: Various sources    


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