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How Reliable Are Online Casinos in India? 

Ethically and politically, gambling is banned in India except for casinos in Goa, which is known as the Las Vegas of India and Sikkim, which
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Online Casino in India
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Ethically and politically, gambling is banned in India except for casinos in Goa, which is known as the Las Vegas of India and Sikkim, which also have casinos but Goa is the biggest hub with the advantage of floating casinos.    

Although on a national level, gambling activities are regulated by the Public Gaming Act of 1867 there is no mention of the ban on online gambling-related activities in the Information Technology Act of 2000 and since there is no clear regulation, individuals are free to place their bets because it’s neither legal nor illegal.

Is Playing at Online Casinos Legal in India?

Online casinos gained huge popularity during the pandemic as most of the people who were casino regulars were left with no option but to play online since all the casinos were shut during the pandemic, including in Goa.

Some states in India such as Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have implemented bans on online gambling by passing an amendment that makes online gambling illegal. To combat that ban, online gambling sites are doing everything to target the Indian market which is booming in this sector since everyone cannot travel to Goa to play in casinos. But the hurdle is that many casinos do not accept the Indian Rupee due to various reasons.

Online Casinos That Accept Indian Rupees 

According to reports, there are hundreds of online casinos that are operating in various parts of the world and you can check out these 8 online casinos that accept the Indian rupee. They are supposed to be the Best Casinos in India (BCI). The BCI also offers very lucrative packages for first-time users such as a welcome bonus, dealer discounts, deposit bonus and that too in Indian rupees.

How Reliable are the Online Casinos?

This is a tricky question and there are no definite answers but there are certain guidelines that can help to distinguish the more reliable online casinos from the ones that are not.

Check the Website of the Online Casino  

The website for online casinos is your first clue:  if the website is slow with many unnecessary popups that means its security is compromised and it is advisable to leave it as soon as possible. Slow websites are not hosted on reliable fast servers and when you bet big money online you have to do it only on a reliable platform. The last and most important indication is to check if the website has an SSL certificate installed and checking that is very easy: you will see a padlock on the browser tab and if it is not there then it is better to leave the website.

Check The User-Friendly and Minimalistic UI    

The next thing you need to check is how user-friendly, clean and minimalist the UI (User Interface) of the website is. The more basic, simple and neat the UI, the better your experience will be. Regular updates keep the website free from malware thus keeping your money safe from hackers.

Check The Deposit and Withdrawal Policy of Online Casinos 

There are hundreds of online casinos offering you hefty welcome bonuses and dealer discounts but don’t let them take you for a ride before you make the initial deposits, check their deposit and withdrawal policies, Online Bank Transfer, acceptance of Visa cards and most importantly, if they accept INR.


Before we wind up this informative article, please allow me a few words of wisdom..  If you are planning to play on online casinos, please check the following: ensure that the online casino is licensed and situated in a reputed jurisdiction, secondly the site you use should have a wide range of games and finally, check the reputation of the online casino.  Check out the best offers from BCI before you sign up for online casinos.

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