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How to Increase Your Winning Chances While Playing Online Casino

The main advantage of playing online Casino or Lottery is that you do not have to drive for miles to play, which saves your time
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The Covid pandemic has taught us many things and one of the most important is working remotely online. When the pandemic struck, no one knew how to handle the situation as everyone faced this for the first time in their life. Thanks to  technology, people learned how to leverage it and work online. Looking at the trends, most of the businesses moved to a virtual platform from physical, and online gaming is no exception. The online gaming industry started booming during the lockdown and playing online is a great way to gamble without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Here we have some tips for you on how to increase your chances of winning while playing online. 

The main advantage of playing online Casino or Lottery is that you do not have to drive for  miles to play, which saves your time and money, and secondly, in case you lose money gambling online, it won’t be hurting you as bad as losing it while playing in person. But that does not mean you should take this for granted. You must be careful while playing online as you may end up losing a big chunk of money. 

There are cases wherein people have lost huge sums of money while gambling online and hence you need to learn to play smart, choose the right platform and don’t just remain dependent on  Casino reviews and if you still want to learn more about the online gambling then you must take a look at the Top Eight Online Casinos in India. 

If you are beginner and planning to start playing online with  real money then this article will help you with some smart tips on how to increase your chances of winning by making use of certain strategies and avoiding  the mistakes that might cost you a fortune. 

The Casino Rules 

You need to understand the rules of Casinos before initiating the play. every Casino has different sets of rules when it comes to winning. You can play all types of games online just as you play in person like poker, slots, and betting.  Online gaming is becoming more and more popular and it can  fetch you real money. 

Casinos usually have a rule that states how much you can cash out from your winnings. It is important to be aware of this so that you do not end up being disappointed later on. Different games also have different rules, so it is important to read up about the game before playing. This will give you an idea as to how much you can win and what you will be eligible to do with your winnings.

For the experienced player, it might be child’s play while for the newcomer it might pose a big challenge. It’s only a matter of following the basic rules and guidelines laid down by the Casino operators. 

Unlike in some other countries, playing online Casino is legal in India () as such there is no federal law in the country that will prohibit you from gambling and so far, only a small number of states have prohibited online casinos.   

Before you start playing you need to find out if the Casinos accept Indian Rupees, unless you want to play in dollars or crypto. Second, and the most important thing you need to check is Deposit & Withdrawal policies, Online Bank Transfer, Acceptance of Visa cards etc. 

The next thing that you need to check is the user friendly and minimalistic websites. There are many casino and online lottery sites India  that offers the online gaming options hence easier the UI better it is for navigation. You also need to check website is getting updated regularly or not as this is very important for you since regular updating of the websites keeps it fresh with nethe ww games and keeps it away from the malware or other possible hacks. This is very important since you connect your Credit Cards and Bank Accounts to do the transactions.

The most important thing that you must not miss is checking if the website has a padlock (secured with SSL): if that is not there, please exit immediately without any transaction. The non-secure websites do not have a padlock and so it’s at risk of financial information theft. 

Play The Games with More Chances of Winning 

Every Casino has a low house edge and high house edge, which means the former  gives more chances of winning compared to the latter . If you want to increase the chances of winning in online casinos then you must play Low House Edge whose games include Black Jack, Baccarat and Craps while  games like slots and roulette are considered to be a High House Edge and gives less chances of winning. 

In fact, some versions of these games offer better odds than others, so be sure to do your research before playing. Another way to reduce the House Edge and increase the chances of winning is by way of using proper betting strategy. That means in games like Blackjack you can increase your chances of winning by only hitting on soft 17s or 18s and by doing this you will reduce the chances of Casinos and increasing your chances of winning. 

Keep an Eye on The Competition

There is one thing you cannot deny is that the Casino business is here to make money which means they have only one agenda: to ensure you  don’t walk away with their money, and how they do this? Very simple, they keep a close watch on your betting patterns and make adjustments to their betting strategies. 

Now the question you will have is “how to win in this situation”? To increase your chances of winning you need to do the same. Keep a close watch on how other players bet and determine your strategy based on that. In  due course  you will be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t and you can make use of this information to your advantage. 

Bankroll Management – Managing Your Hard Earned Money

There is a rule of thumb called Bankroll Management, and in this you set aside certain amount of money for gambling online. When you plan to gamble make sure that you set a budget for yourself and don’t cross that line. It is advisable to not to gamble with the money that you can’t afford to lose. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind is choosing the  games to play, for example choosing the game that has smaller house edge will increase the chances of you winning compared to the games that belongs to the high variance that increases the possibility of losing your entire bankroll in one session.

Making use of Online Casino Banking Method will also help you to stay in your limit and manage your bankroll. Every online casino has a deposit system where you can deposit the set amount each day, week or month and start playing and once the amount is gone you automatically stop.   

Finally,  control and patience is  key to success. There is no point in risking more money than you can afford in the pursuit of winning the bigger prizes. It is ok in  business to say that the greater the risk, the better the outcome but in gambling that may turn out to be disaster. By staying within your limit and playing within your means, you will increase the chances of extending your bankroll and play for longer period of time. This method is very useful for players who have money management issues or are trying to cut back on how much they spend online.

Limit Your Betting 

Limiting your bets is another way of saving yourself from running into the huge losses. By setting the limits for your betting, you limit yourself from losing lots of money in Online Casinos. If you are playing with real money, its a good idea to set a daily spending limit and only spend that amount. If you dont know how much your bankroll can afford, then its best to start out with small bets and work up from there as you become more comfortable with the games.


Now that we have given you so much of advice and suggestions on how to increase your chances of winning and decrease the possibility of losing, you can be confident enough to go ahead with the online gambling but let us tell you that there is no real formula for winning in this game. Every gambler plays to win and looks out for new ways to do so. While there is no foolproof method that will guarantee you a win every time, there are certain tips and tricks that can help improve your odds. In this article, we have taken a look at some of the best ways to increase your winning chances when playing online casino games. So, use this helpful advice that could make all the difference next time you hit the casino floor!

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