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Goa – Pune Bus Operator brutally Beats the Passenger for demanding refund due to the delay

Gundagardi by the local and interstate bus operators is not a new story but when it happens in the state and police to take strict
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Gundagiri by the local and interstate bus operators is not a new story, but when it happens in the state and police does not take strict action, it becomes a matter of concern. In the state like Goa, the guest is a source of income, and if the bus operators start beating them then how the travelers will feel safe in Goa. Here is one such serious case narrated by the traveler who was traveling from Goa to Pune, and he was brutally beaten by the bus operator from Mapusa for demanding an explanation for the delay and refund of money.       

The police, as usual, denied to register the FIR and instead asked the victim to file Non Cognisable case. The incident which took place on the Mapusa Interstate Bus Stand has brought another dark side of the private bus operators in the state.   

The victim Krishna Agarwal who is a CEO of a tech company Paradox Gamers was traveling from Goa to Pune when this incident took place. According to the victim, he booked the ticket on for Goa to Pune for the date of journey on 16th November 2018.


The Bus operator was assigned by the Yatra dot com was Armaram Travels from Mapusa. Here is the complete story narrated by the victim.     

I reached their office at Mapusa Bus Stand in Goa and enquired about my bus. They said my bus is late and they’re shifting me in a new bus that was currently standing there.

I said okay and one of their men took me to the bus. They allocated me the seat. And kept my luggage. Before going in I asked a driver that at what time will the bus reach Pune. He said 9/9:30/10:00.

I said I’ve paid a nice amount to reach early. ( Official time to reach Wakad, Pune of the bus I was supposed to board was 7:15 AM ). They said we can’t do anything. I said okay no issue, I’ll board my bus itself (The bus allocated to me). They said that cannot be done. I said either let me board my official bus or refund my money and let me get down.

They said, “Ghanta bhi refund nhi milega and Ghanta bhi utarne nhi denge”. I got scared as there were 3-4 people in cabin ,they were drunk.I insisted let me get down. They kept on refusing with slangs.

For an evidence, I started recording things. They stopped the bus soon at Mapusa Local Bus Stand and I got down. I started walking back. One guy came from behind and said “video delete kar”(delete the video)

I said I won’t and this will go to the police. Another guy jumped in and slapped me and snatched away my phone. He smashed me and throwed my phone 2-3 times.

Soon more people joined and started beating me. I got scared for my life and said I’ll delete videos. I started deleting but they kept on beating me.

There were around 10-12 people. 3-4 guys from Atmaram Travels and rest I don’t know.

The guy who took me from the office of Atmaram Travels to the bus was also the one who smashed me. I only remember his face for now and can identify him.

Later somehow I ran away after getting smashed and called my friends and police. Police came and took me to Police station and later to the hospital.

For now, I’ve a fracture in my nose, stitches in my lips, scars and pain on my body. I’ve filed a FIR at Mapusa Police Station. But now I’m scared to raise my voice against wrong in this nation.

I also want to question the type of operators has the tie-up with. They seemed more of mobs to me rather than bus operators. This incident has instilled a fear in me for doing the lot of things like standing against wrong, traveling alone, trusting the judicial system.

Lot of people have adviced me to post something on Twitter. I couldn’t but a kind person did. Here’s the link – 

I was scared yesterday and didn’t understand things completely. Instead of a FIR,Goa Police has filed a non-cognizable complaint. I googled the meaning of it and it means complaints for offences which are not serious. So would it be a serious offence for Goa Police if I would’ve been murdered and then they would’ve filed a FIR instead of non-cognizable complaint?

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