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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Comes To Goa With A Bag Full of Promises

With the promises of 80% Job quota for the locals, 3000 rupees allowances to the unemployed youth and Rs 5000 the mining and tourism dependent
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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Comes To Goa
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With the promises of 80% Job quota for the locals, 3000 rupees allowances to the unemployed youth and Rs 5000 the mining and tourism dependent families the AAP national convenor and CM of Delhi said that the youth in Goa are very disturbed and unhappy and unhappy due to lack of employment. 

“The youth in Goa do not have an access to the government jobs which are mean for the close connects of the politicians,” he said adding that he will break this nexus of political influence and corruption, “we will provide the jobs to all them and stop migration of youth from Goa to other places in search of employment.”   

Kejriwal said that many youth had connected with him and told him that to secure the Government jobs in Goa they need to remain in good books with the local MLAs and ministers. 

“Many in Goa have told me that if one has to get a government job, one needs the friendship of an MLA or a minister and their recommendation… Without recommendations and bribe, one does not get a government job in Goa. We will stop this,” Kejriwal said.

According to Mr Kejriwal the new law will be bright to secure the 80% of private jobs to the local Goans. “We have already implemented this model in the Haryana and same will be implemented here,” he told the media. 

He also promised an allowance of Rs 5,000 for every family that was dependent on the tourism sector and saw earnings being disrupted during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Kejriwal said that the Goa CM is trying to copy the Delhi model “When the people of Goa can elect the original what is the need for the duplicate? The duplicate will always create a mess,” Kejriwal said.

He said that after getting elected in Goa the AAP government will first take up the issue of Schools, Hospitals and Roads that is in pathetic condition in the state. “If our party voted to the powers, we will first take up the issue of the bad roads in Goa followed by the hospitals and schools. AAP will also built the village clinics and will provide the doorstep delivery of all the important services.   

He also promised that mining activities will resume and the tourism sector will be provided with “infinite opportunities”. He also said a skill university will be set up in Goa, which would prepare the youth for the job market after Class 12. 

Kejriwal showed full confidence in winning the 2022 elections in Goa. “Slowly we are becoming the first option. I have seen a couple of surveys. At the moment, BJP is number 1 in those TV surveys, AAP is number 2 and the Congress seems to be collapsing. There are still five months to go for elections. I am hopeful that the people of Goa will elect us with full majority on the strength of our work in Delhi and the campaign here”.

The Seven Promises Arvind Kejriwal Made in Goa

It is impossible to get a government job without a bribe or recommendation. Now we will end this. All Goan youth will have access to government jobs

An arrangement will be made to provide employment to one unemployed youth per household in Goa, announced Kejriwal.

The AAP national convenor added that such youth would receive an unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000 per month until they find work.

80 per cent of the jobs would be reserved for the Goan youth. We will bring a law to reserve 80 per cent of private jobs also for the Goan youth,

Tourism-dependent families lost their jobs due to COVID-19. The AAP chief promised to give Rs 5,000 per month until employment is restored.

Families whose income is dependent on mining will also receive Rs 5,000 a month until mining resumes.

In Goa, a skill university will be opened so that youth can learn any skill they desire and progress in their careers.

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