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Now You Can Get Driving License Without Giving Driving Test at RTO

Big News for new driving aspirants, the center has Notified a new rule for making of driving license, now you don’t have to give a
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Driving License Test
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In our country getting a license is tedious due to the slow process and lethargic attitude of RTO offices. The only way to get your job done is by way of paying bribes, but now things are going to change, and you don’t have to go to RTO and stand in big Q anymore as the center has notified new rules for making a driving license. Get more details here…

With this new development now, getting a driving license will become the most convenient task for everyone. According to the new rules, you don’t have to go to the RTO and stand in never-ending lines to get a driving license. Here is the complete process. 

There is No Need for Driving Test For a Driving License

The driving test is a nightmare even for the expert drivers as the final results are dependent on the mood of the RTO officer that issues the license and a small error from your side can land you in trouble. But now with the new development in place, you don’t have to go through the process of driving tests anymore. 

The new rule has been notified by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and it will come into the force with the immediate effect once all the RTOs implement this there will be a big relief for the driving aspirants. 

Now You Will Have to go to the Driving School to Get Eligible for a Licence 

Of course, it is a big relief that you don’t have to goto the drive the school anymore but that does not mean you get the license sitting at home. Driving is a serious thing and in lack of proper training, it can lead to devastation hence the government has now made it compulsory to have trained in recognized driving schools. 

According to the sources in the Ministry, you must get enrolled yourself in a recognized driving school and undergo the proper training to get eligible to obtain a driving license. Once your training gets over the Driving Test will be conducted by the school and the certificate will be issued to you later on the RTO will issue the driving license on the basis of the certificate. 

The New Rule 

Thing won’t be as easy as it appears, you will be able to skip the multiple trips to the RTO office and long lines but then getting into the school and learning good quality driving will be mandatory, here are the guidelines that you will need to follow to get your license. 

  1. The authorized training schools for a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and light motor vehicles will need to have at least one acre of land and the centers for Medium and heavy vehicles must have two acres of land. 
  2. The trainer appointed by the authorized driving schools must be at least a 12th class pass and must have at least 5 years of driving experience and should be well versed with the traffic rules. 
  3. There will be a teaching curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Transport and that will be followed by all the driving schools. 
  4. For Driving light motor vehicles the duration of the course will be a maximum of 4 weeks and the syllabus of the course will be divided into two parts, Theory, and Practical.  
  5. There will be mandatory driving for 21 hours of drive on the inland roads, rural roads, city roads, and highways besides learning the reversing and parking, uphill and downhill driving. 
  6. The total theory part will be of 8 hours of the entire course period that will include understanding the road etiquette, road rage, traffic education, understanding the causes of accidents, and first and driving fuel efficiency.  
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