Blogging is an expression of your ideas, you can blog, but look for a better platform

If you are a writer by hobby or by profession, you like to write, express yourself and share your ideas with others through diverse kinds of medium. Some of you may be writing for the great magazines and some for small newspapers, simply allotting to the available statistics around 70% of people write for their own blogs on diverse platforms, out of which 43% use WordPress while 35% writes on blogger, 16% use tumbler and rest 6% uses another platform. The above statistics does not include the amount of info that is shared on the daily basis on Facebook alone.

The world of the internet is developing at a very rapid speed, with an insertion of thousands of new blogs per day and in such fast pace ever growing net world who reads whose blogs is the major concern of the day. Do you know if your blog is getting any traffic? How many Readers’ comments?  How many people Share your articles? How many of you keep the track of these entire things in first place?

The blog writing was started in America in the late nineties as a blogging journal, where people began sharing their ideas, interests and hobbies through the means of the blog. In those days, personal blogging was the only option available for the bloggers, and the social network platforms do not exist then. It was only in 2004 Facebook was launched and by 2009 that people across the world started sharing their interest and ideas on this platform.

The blogging was also growing with some serious writers working towards establishing their blog and by 2012 the blog industry had involved into the major publishing business. The Huffington Post was one such example of a blog which turned into the major online publication and it was sold for over 300 million dollars. According to the available information, there are over 30 million bloggers in the United States alone.


As the internet started growing, most of the newspapers and magazines were turned into an online business, but they were not blogs, although many of them have also started their own blogs separately using the WordPress platform. They have their own battalion of writers and the huge database which was transcripted into the digital formats.

Blogging Statistics by
Blogging Statistics by

The blogging trend started catching up in India lately in the year 2007 with the introduction google blogger platform. During those days, internet access was restricted to the limited population with no WiFi and mobile network was available then, simply a dial-up network and that was real expensive. But serious people used to inscribe into the blogging universe and some of them have arrived at it big today. But now the scenario has completely changed, the internet has become as good as free and uploading your ideas into the web is just available at your fingertips and that gave rise to hundreds of thousands of people to express their ideas and thoughts in a form of blogging.

With absolutely no investment and the accessibility of social media, platform blogging started skyrocketing in India. The business of blogging captured 60% of the market globally, as most of the businesses, have their own websites and blogging platforms too. This leads to a huge revolution in the media world and since the web is accessible universally the geographical limitation never was a hurdle. In the absence of social media platform, the only option which was available to make the blog available for readers was the mass mailing, maintaining and arranging own mailing list and mailing the new blog every day to the list of people was the trend then. But the introduction of social media platform changed the whole scenario of the blogging industry.

Although in the initial stage the social media was treated as a threat to the blogging. It was in 2008 when Facebook had only 100 million users and which was rapidly growing by the day and that was the time people started predicting that the blog would fail as the expressing yourself was easier and instant on the Facebook than that on the blog. The social media turned the blogging into the microblogging, whereby people would express their ideas with the images in shorter form, but the same had a huge reach compared to the traditional blog which was needed to be mailed individually to reach the target readers. The entry of twitter again changed the blogging scenario with a new word called “tweet” which would limit the bloggers to express themselves within the limited words 140 characters or less, but it was very instant and one could tweet hundreds of times in a day. Though the social media was changing the face of blogging, but it never became the threat. In fact, people began using the social media as the platform to publish the blogs and make it viral.

Today Facebook alone has around 1.50 billion users, and it is one of the biggest platforms to express the ideas with each user sending hundreds of microblogs across this platform. Consider that 1.50 billion people expressing themselves on the social media every day and each of them wants to send some message to others and this also includes the daily promotions of the blogs by hundreds of thousand bloggers across the globe.

The statistic says that at the beginning of the year 2000, there were around just 23 blogs on the World Wide Web, which had ballooned up to as big as 50 million blogs today. Most of the major blogging platform such as blogger and WordPress started during these periods only and that lead to huge boosts in blogging industry. Today 46% people read various blogs more than once a day, which includes 40% Woman and 60% men. Today there are 300 million readers going through 42 million blogs every month.

According to me, there are only two ways to make sure that your blog is read by the readers and that is, either you do something to increase your traffic or use the platform of other blogs / websites that has a better traffic. This way your will be able to reach your target audience and while doing this you can also backlink yourself from that website or blog if that is permissible. This way your traffic will increase and more readers will start visiting your blog depending upon what you write.

The blogging industry has a huge potential in India as it is not yet explored fully. Ideas can never be enough if you have them with you and more you spread them better it will get. The only thing you need to make sure that you are reaching to your target audience or at least to some people who reads it on the net.

Rajesh Ghadge

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